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Despite being a good teenager (very good grades and generally good behavior, but some questionable friends) I had high-strung parents who simply didn't know what to do with me and tried various attempts of taking things away/grounding, threatening to send me to a therapist (probably would have been nice), and being laughably controlling to the point of absurdity, to the point that I never would have brought anything even mildly controversial up with them in conversation. Would have been nice to have someone ask me what I thought was fair or what the future should bring. Kudos to you.

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left a terrible job last year for a less stressful one, and then got moved this year to a different, related, but better job in my field of choice, and now they're sending me abroad on a paid work trip to an amazing place for the next three weeks. [2 of those weeks are with my boss but it's still ok.] i am having suspiciously good work luck, miss alicevaguely. suspicious.

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Also: other fun news today for link rounding up:

1000 sheep run amok:

Pennsylvanians in serious political poll say the Philly Phanatic > Trump:

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Toasters, I'm a bear person.

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Laughed out loud at the Antarctica bit. Very helpful.

I've never heard of someone reacting so strongly to immunotherapy before. That is really a bummer. Wishing you all the best for attempt #2.

Standard advice for moving is to join groups (MeetUp, recreational sports, art class, church, whatever you're into), and go out of your way to meet neighbors and coworkers and classmates, and local fellow Toast Crumbs. Be brave and be patient, and remember that your friends elsewhere will always still like to hear from you. :)

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Forgive me for asking something I am sure you have considered in detail for much of your life, but have you gotten medical treatment for it? Is there nothing else to be done on that front? Part general curiosity, part personal interest from a fellow asthma/allergy sufferer.

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My two cents: I don't get to see my dad in person very often anymore, but we generally have a good relationship. He is not a dancer by any means, and I'm not into a lot of the overly-traditional wedding elements (we got announced by our first names, and don't get me started on the bouquet toss and garter...), but I picked a fun song and it turned into mostly an excuse for us to chat and laugh for a minute about how the weekend was going so far. Wedding days are crazy busy (you will have to talk to a million people) and it's a chance to sneak in a convo about how the parents and you are doing.

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Oh, how wonderfully written and how important this is. Thank you for your writing and for all the work that you've done and continue to do! Bon courage!

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oh my gosh, do you have pictures of them?

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Re: Fancy animal salad plates, Oprah had this set on her Favorite Things this past year (?) and they're magnificent: