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Sex Offenders are notoriously stupid. This freak has been run thru the system once and he still cant keep his zipper up around underage kids? There is no fixin this kind of broke.

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Haha Larry Bodine, you testoserone deprived , ring nosed liberals really are as manhood deprived as everyone thinks?

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He is a POS rapist..put him in the ground..

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Most voters give little thought and or investigation to the policies and stances of school board members. Of course it doesnt help that these same members really dont have to campaign on their ideals either. We under-estimate the "power" these people have over our children and the school budgets. Considering our public schools are in the sewer, it may be time Parents hold the "powers that be and those seeking these positions" feet to the fire.

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Put a "shoot on site" order against this freak.

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and this is who we want making "legisaltive policy for guys who cant keep their zipper up"??
. Prior to her position at USA FAIR, Shana Rowan blogged from I Love a Sex Offender. Shana Rowan was born in Mount Kisco, NY. Shana Rowan was raised and graduated John Jay High School in South Salem, NY. Shana Rowan has also lived in Brewster, NY and Peekskill, NY. Shana Rowan now resides in Oneida County. Shana Rowan has previously worked in clothing retail, garden center retail. Great a "welcome to wal-mart greeter" trying to educate us on sex crimes??? Gotta smile..

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We must put ourselves in Shana Rowan's place. Of course she doesnt want her neighbors to be any more informed that her "sexually violent offender pillow partner actually raped a six year old..A Parent of a murdered child recently said "the only thing Shana Rowan does is re-victimize all those who have been hurt by these crimes". Perhaps Ms. Rowan needs her own registry..

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The public needs to be aware as budgets get tighter your families safety will be proportionate to their cost cutting measures. It is more important than ever to access the registry and KNOW who is in your airspace. The registry was written with the blood and tears of many victims and while the registry wont "save" anyone it was never intended too. Its a "tool" to allow the public to access those convicted of sexually based crimes which have a horrendous rate of recidivism, despite what some may want to infer otherwise. The courts are notoriously fallible in this issue and the daily headlines prove it. Sex offenders are an invasive species that need eradicating ,not reintegrating into society . There should be a bounty on them.

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Vicki Henry copy and paste the same post forum on forum like a fly on roadkill..Vicki's son is deemed the worst of the worst and wants to infer he just peed on a bush. Her efforts are to abolish the registry due to the fact when and if her demon seed actually hits her home turf, the neighbors will most likely burn her house down..

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Vicki is outraged by the "worst of the worst" description due to the fact her son is considered in the eyes of society the "worst of the worst" ..dont fall for her crap, Vicki is a failed parent with a failed poor excuse for a child that should never see the light of day, let alone have his mommy infiltrate forums with feigned outrage.. jeez Vick get new material..