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Hi Finnius would be keen to join if it gets up and running

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You don’t worry about Kelly groin? Disrupted pre-season and late start.... but agree on POD, just think it’s as much a punt on injury as Fyfe.

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Burgess to Rotham (if selected) might be the one assuming Rotham takes the place of Barrass. Clark I think will be back next week probably in place of O`Connor, but Clark out also an option. Then in a good position to upgrade Moore / Scrimshaw next week.

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I think out of those definitely not Sheed for Neale, that can wait for another day. There's other good mids to mean that Neale doesn't hurt you as much. Heeney will still have his bad games, can probably afford to be patient and wait for right price.

Whitfield on the other hand is really going to bite as apart from Lloyd there's no one else in DEF to stop you getting hurt. He's a full price now but like Doc a few years back you could be waiting around a long time for the sub-600k price.

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That's assuming Greenwood plays!

This is the same coach who said "meh, TMitch might have got 50 touches but they didn't have any impact"

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I like 3 Derek. Remaining midfield spots need to be kept open for nailed on top 10. You can go Neale with two trades or get menegola or Boak with one trade and take care of a a nailed on top 6 FWD.

as you’ve said many times don’t under value trades. You can pick off midfield premos when you’ve got the cash to do it.

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Good trades Tommo, Whitfield bye works and nailed on top 6. Rest of your team looks fine, very unlucky week with Short, Fyfe and Dusty shitting the bed.

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I think that's a great point - as in, if you do boot Heeney it shouldn't be a sideways. I think it can only be to a rookie then either bank the cash or upgrade to one of the "bargain" mids. Worst case you buy Heeney back with the cash you made, best case he turns out to be a Billings and you got out while the going was good.

I didn't have them, but I saw quite a few coaches ruined by holding Billings and Hibberd last season. I'd say holding premos is the best strategy in the majority of cases, but clearly not always.

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One could say the same about Dusty's 2017 data! Those are his most recent games, maybe he now water pistol not gun!

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Heeney's last 8 games including the last 6 of 2018:

78, 91, 70, 120, 73, 93 / 85, 67 av 84.6

Excuses this year: he is playing forward and he is carrying injury, not sure what the reasons were for the finish last year.

Feeling that he may be Cyril like..... looks great with what he does, but maybe not a prolific ball winner. Or maybe the excuses are legitimate. He also passed 120 on 5 occasions in 2018.

Is he 2018 Menegola or Billings?!?!?