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bigot ,rascist what a surprise every white indigenous brit beware this is the contempt we are all held to by the lib/lab/con alliance ,because that is all they are an alliance against freedom of speech and democracy as a whole it is a great shame that the brainwashed british nation has been brought to its knees,through mis-education and literally mind thrashing the pride out of our once proud nation.It is now time we wake up from this slumber and show them at the polls,we might not win this time but we need to get MP's into parliament to expose this alliance as to what it really is.... a nazi party guilty of demonisation of the british people and all who serve her

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very smartly dressed 'muslim' woman,with her high heels and short skirt above the knees,i smell the blood of a marxist labourite troublemaker

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.Forgive me if i sound uneducated,but i was taught at school when history & geography lessons use to teach you about our ever changing planet since the beginning of time,through various ice ages etc.etc.,i now ask my children what they are being taught and i am very saddened about how little they are taught,about the history of our UNIQUE Planet..yes i know there are plenty of comments on the miseducation of our young generation,i think it is disgusting they know very little of the first world war or recent/distant history of our unique world let alone about how OUR planet actually works..Yes we have contributed to partial warming,but blaming it on cows and methane just when our dairy farming is getting back on its feet after years of decline,i wonder what impact the dinosaurs had on the warming of the atmosphere,and did they really bring on the 1st ice age?.

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Talk about shooting yourself in the foot..Bully Boys Corporation ambush has backfired big style link: http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Voters-W... is now time to seize the reins BNP and get as much out of this as poss..if each of the 9000 tell at least 10 of their friends etc..etc..the numbers would be truly outstanding

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..or Mr Cameron with his German impersonations

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Looks like we are heading for another winter of discontent under ANOTHER failed Labour Government,will their voters never learn

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it is a pity that the laws of probability mean this is a very small tip of a very huge ice berg

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not only the nazi dream,the frenchies dream also,for centuries they have both tried to destroy the unity and courage of this nation,now they have discovered how to do it,strip us day by day,month by month,year by year of our dignity pride and strength.How do they do this ,by means of the eu parliament and pushing the obscene islamification on the whole of europe and more so the u.k.,this way they will get their ultimate dream of destroying us from within

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We should put in official complaints to these corrupt media organisations especially the BBC,who we have to pay on an annual basis,I thought it was law that they have to be unbiased toward one side or the other?

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As Winston Churchill once said"anti fascism will be the new fascism",I can only stick 2 huge fingers upto the un-democractic idiots last night and thank them, they have shown to the nation what this country will become with these Nu-Anarchists in charge.