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Good deal to walk it off. Bowling can be challenging. When you roll the ball right into the pocket, and no strike, and it seems everyone else goes hi on the headpin and get strikes. Don't fight it, accept it. The pros throw strike balls, but, at times, they roll it right in the pocket, and they leave a 7-10 split, and lose the match. Have fun and practice practice practice, get better and accept the results because you cannot take it over.

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Yes, we still have to make good shots as other bowlers. Just do it and move on.

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Thank you for your input. 2 handed approach bowlers who use their thumb or not still have to make good shots as everyone else.

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With due respect everyone, ( and Dustin Seymour if you want to indulge and make it clear ), it is not 2 handed bowling, it is a 2 handed approach. 2 handed bowling is kids or handicap people rolling it between their legs. The ball is delivered with one hand in the ball with your dominant side projecting the ball onto the lane, the other hand just holds on to the ball just before the release. Try it, you cannot use your other hand to push/project with power, only with your dominant hand. 2 handed approach bowlers can use their thumb or not. Remember if you use your thumb you are only allowed one balance hole. If you do not use the thumb hole, it is considered a balance hole. Remember, if you use a ball with a thumb hole only, and at times you roll it without the thumb, it MUST be statically legal from both center of grips, and it says that in the USBC rules. Side weights generally remain the same, but finger/thumb weights could be in jeopardy and illegal to roll the ball because you move the Center of gravity up or down when you use your thumb or not and 1 oz max is not alot of weight to shift to become illegal, and it depends on the weight block densities of the balls to take in consideration. Bowlers have been rolling balls with or without their thumb for many years, and just using the other hand just to hold on to the ball is not illegal. All bowlers still have to make good shots and all bowlers must abide by the static limitations of ball drillings. Today's high tech balls really are about ball motion drillings of their cores and PAP's in relation to the strength/weakness of balls, so static limitations do not really contribute to any unfair advantage to a 2 handed approach bowlers who use their thumb or not, or even your one hand approach bowlers as some do not use their thumb sometimes. Some have mentioned the longevity of bowling this way, well, that is their decision. If they get injured or not, it is on them. All bowlers get injured at one time or not and their backs and legs and arms and wrists all come about whether you are a one-handed bowler or a 2 handed approach bowler, both whether you use your thumb or not. In other sports where at times there are generalities, you would not tell Labron James to shoot the ball with one hand or not, or whether you tell a high jumper to use the scissor technique or leg technique, or whether you tell a great tennis player which way to hit the ball, they all still have to make great athletic movements to accomplish their scoring goals. I converted to a 2 handed approach about 4 years ago and I am not going to go back, although I use a spare ball with my thumb to convert my right side spares, especially the 10 pin. I am 61 years young, a member of the PBA, and I still have the pains and challenges of all other bowlers whether they are one-handed or have a 2 handed approach. Let's move on and try to get this sport in the olympics so we can demonstrate that bowling on different animal patterns can be challenging, and different ways to deliver the balls in scoring. Again the 2 handed approach using your thumb or not is designated a LEGAL delivery and the rules are clear in the USBC rules and the static limitations of all balls. You still have to make good shots. Just do it.

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I started in the summer of 2014. I will say I am athletic, have a small build, and very loose since I was a distance runner practically all of my life.
Started slowly, and afterwards I was sore in the arms and neck areas and sometimes my back areas. Although with rest, stretching, and heat therapy on a continuous basis, I have been able to recover and continue. I only bowl in one league and one day of practice on the weekends for the past few years. I have improved my averages from 187 the first year, 191 the second year, and current average of 204, so I have improved and learned what is required to continue at this level. I learned that weaker balls, high RG ratings, low differentials are the key to stay consistent. Also only symmetric balls, and I learned that heavier balls, now 15-16 pounds to get the ball down the lane further before the break point. What a learning curve but I have solidified my equipment and shot making to be very competitive now. Keep your shots straight up the boards with weaker balls, stay behind the ball for your shot and you will be consistent and successful. Good luck !! I forgot to mention I am now 60 years young and now a PBA member

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Hey Nick Pollak,

Let's keep the 2 handed definition clear to the public. Some really think we bowl with 2 hands, INCORRECT !

Going forward, say that you are a 2 handed approach, no thumb bowler, or a 2 handed approach, thumb bowler.

A lot of FAKE news / definitions are being brought forth.

Have a great day.

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Hello Nick Pollack. Good topic on the 2 handed approach which I intend to give my personal and professional opinion. Let's face it, bowling, if you are right handed and your sliding foot is the left foot will take alot of pressure and use. Let's be truthful, having a 2 handed approach is a highly athletic move/delivery in bowling. You have to be warmed up and ready to perform at a high level. So you must be loose and warmed up to perform. Everyone in bowling, if you want to improve, be consistent and make good shots, not get injured in the long haul, your body must be exercised daily. Not working out hard, but light workouts and warmups/stretching so your joints and muscles feel some kind of pressure to withstand the movements of bowling, whether a 2 handed approach or 1 handed approach delivery. For myself, I wear an elastic ankle support on my left ankle. When I bowl, I do not feel any pressure being applied to my knee areas or ankle areas, so I am protected from the wears and tears during the last stage of my approach thus delivery of my 2 handed approach process. Let's be truthful again, to be successful in any sport, you must be warmed up and ready to perform. I witness everyday at the bowling lanes, there seems to be no athletic prowness to the majority of our bowlers, thinking BIG, whereas you must be athletic and ready to execute a delivery of a heavy ball with your body in a best leverage way, making good shots and get those strikes and spares. You must realize that with a 2 handed approach using your thumb or not, you will encounter a higher rev rate and an increase in your average speed. This means your ball will suck more oil and dirt in your reactive balls, thus you will need daily ball maintenance/cleaning to keep your equipment to perform at a high level. I wipe my balls after each delivery as you see most professionals on TV just before their shots, well most to them. After my bowling sessions, I clean them properly with ball cleaner so the oil that remains is not sucked into the shell and hinder the next bowling sessions. Since a 2 handed approach delivery will give you more revs and speed, I highly recommend the symetric ball designs, higher RG rating of 2.57 or higher, lower differentials of 32 and below. I keep my balls at 4000 grit and with a high polish to get the ball down the lane further before it reads up at the back thus saving power which is what we want when we encounter the pins. At least a 14 pound ball of course to make sure the balls do not bounce off the pins as weighted balls 13 pounds and below. Been bowling a 2 handed approach for a few years, but lately have been coming around scoring / delivering successful shots as the same professional bowlers as you see on the tour. I know I have said alot but hoping alot of bowlers read my input to get a grip on this 2 handed approach. Also alot of bowlers still do not understand, if the balls do not have a thumbhole it is not legal. The same static measurements are performed for all balls whether with or without a thumbhole and measured accurately on a dodo scale from the center of grip in relation to the center of gravity. Since you are very young, you must of bowled high school and hopefully you will have the opportunity to bowl in a collegiate program and hopefully you will be successful at bowling and academics and you have support of your family and friends in your bowling achievements, as I know I did not have bowling in high school in the 70's, as I ran track and cross country, which I was good but preferred bowling. I am 60 years young, bowl a 2 handed approach and average better than 200, and ready to join the senior tour and demonstrate my abilities with this technique with the older bowlers. I hope to be an inspiration to the old and young. Good luck Nick going forward in your bowling abilities. Brian B.

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Let's make some common sense with all type of bowling releases. Everyone uses the same types of USBC certified balls and all must follow the USBC static weight rules, how many holes you can drill, how many balance holes to drill using your thumb or not. The PBA follows the USBC conventions for measurements, so the pros must follow the same rules too. It is called a "2 handed approach", not 2 handed delivery. One hand is used to deliver the ball with your fingers inserted, as your other hand is removed before your release. Some people still think 2 hands are used to deliver the ball, which is untrue. Your dominant hand is used with your fingers in the ball and on that side of the body, right or left handed.
Nobody can tell you what to do with the other hand, ( it's a free country ), as it only serves to hold the ball in position before release. I / we are not going to judge or criticize another bowler's way of bowling. That's what makes bowling great, everyone has their own unique individual style. Nobody told or criticized Mark Roth in the 70's for taking so many steps in his approach or cranking the ball so much. In basketball, nobody can tell LaBron James to dunk the ball or shoot from the outside for points. In baseball, nobody can criticize a player catching the ball with the glove or the bare hand, track and field nobody can criticize or cry foul for going over the high jump with the scissor technique or folsbury back flip technique. All sports have different techniques to score and bowling is no different. Also some 2 handed approach bowler's use their thumb.
Let's move on, 2 handed approach bowling is here to stay, it is getting the younger generation interested which helps getting more people bowling in leagues and tournaments. Bowling is getting closer to be in the olympics so anything exciting and new like the 2 handed approach will help.
Whatever your style, everyone still has to make good shots and get strikes and make their spares.
Just bowl and be great at what we do to get high scores.
We have the high tech balls and lane conditions to help.

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Hey supersenior,
Just to reiterrate, these rules have been in place for years. Static rules of the balls are the same for all bowlers. Balance holes are restricted for 2 handed approach bowlers, unless you use the thumbhole for gripping purposes, you can have a thumbhole and balance hole. You still have to make good shots no matter you use your thumb or not.
Alot of 2 handed approach bowlers use their thumb, if you did not know. USA Junior Team member Wesley Low uses his thumb.
Everyone still calls it a "2 handed release". It is not, it is called a "2 handed approach". The other hand just sets up / holds the ball in position before the release with the dominant hand, the right hand if your right handed, as your fingers are in the ball to impart the lift through the ball.
No one can tell anyone what to do with the other hand not in the ball just before the release.
We are not going to tell Labron James to dunk the ball instead of the normal outside shot,
we are not going to tell baseball players not to catch the ball with the bare hand instead of the glove,
we are not going to tell high jumpers to use the folsbury flop instead of the scissor technique,
I could go on and on with other sports.
The 2 handed approach is here to stay and it opens the eyes of younger bowlers to join the sport which is needed to bring bowling back to the forefront and jolt the sport and get it into the olympics.

thank you.
Senior bowler ready to take on the PBA50 tour with my 2 handed approach.

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Dustin, correction, i cannot put force with the left hand being right handed during the 2 handed approach. Everyone please take notice of my correction because it is fact.