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Remember, these census workers are being paid by the hour and for their mileage to come to your house repeatedly. They'd be happy to keep doing it and keep getting paid until they're told by their boss to stop. It's all money in their pocket.

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God help me, I can't walk by a car with one of these pasted on it without smirking.

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Virginia also has the first state legislature to pass the Health Care Freedom Act, which is intended to legally protect the right of Virginia residents from being forced to purchase health insurance. Kind of a middle finger to the nannies in Congress. I'm not sure whether the governor has signed the bill yet, but he's expected to. The Republicans are back in charge and not taking any BS. Woot!

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My prayers to his family.

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Wow, that's not just a retraction request, that's an outright "fisking," Retracto is quite a multi-talented Alpaca!

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The travesty of this whole situation is that the MSM reporting of the "rumors" is so widespread that the sheer pervasiveness of it gives them cover. The only people who would know that O'Keefe's case didn't involve actual wiretapping are those familiar with the "new media" or Retracto. To pick out the error for correction in individual publications is like plucking sand from the ocean. There can never be a rollback of the "wiretapping" smear. It was everywhere, they were all saying it, how can it not be true?

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This is one of the drawbacks of digital media. I think there should be a change in the prevailing style guide (or standards) which requires a visible strikethrough for the correction. This stuff happens in all areas of the internet and it's definitely weaselly. However, the MSM claim to hold themselves to higher standards so if that's the case then lead by example and own your mistakes.

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I really appreciate that the "wait for the facts" stance of the BIG sites proved to be the right call. It's a shame that so many MSM outlets have totally renounced such basic journalistic standards and have joined the ranks of the tabloids with their shoddy reporting.

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Thanks for bringing this up again. It was outrageous how blatantly Obama's campaign was flouting the law when it came to fundraising, especially regarding foreign donations. No one cared. I still doubt this issue will get any traction. Why do we even have these laws? It only hobbles honorable men while the rest can claim an unfair advantage. I'm looking at you Barack.

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This is just so hilarious. I laughed out loud when I saw it on Drudge this morning. I don't care who he was talking to. Image is everything and he looks significantly diminished in this photo. I laugh at Obama but weep for my country.