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One of the finest newscasters ever in Iowa, and a real gentleman, too. I recall dinners at my grandfather's house in north central Iowa. When it was news time, Grandpa always used to say "quiet everyone, Jack Shelley is on." Not the news ... Jack Shelley. Too bad many of today's cable (and other) "reporters" can't live by his standards.

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The ramp is historically significant? What about the buildings that were torn down to make room for it? I remember Hiltbruner Music being in that block ... and their music-note sign was surely more significant than the scrape-your-fenders spiral exit ramp!

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Cedar Rapids Kernels vs. Clinton LumberKings ...deciding game of 1st round playoffs
6:35pm Friday
Veteran's Memorial Stadium <a href="" target="_blank">

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Which is it? 1st paragraph says the "turn-in" will be at the Mt. Vernon Rd. store, last paragraph says Mt. Vernon Rd. and Johnson Ave. Wouldn't want to drive clear across town if there's some place closer.

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Well, it managed to return from the dead ... but I wouldn't want to give it that alternate name!

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This is Iowa-Iowa State ... always a tough game. No matter who is highly ranked, the other team seems to play above its own level of competency. I look for a good game, and don't forget that beautiful trophy is on the line!

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I imagine the figures were compiled from numbers reported before the speed/red light cameras were in operation. The real test of them will be where we rank next year.

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I wasn't there, but heard from what police describe as "the locals" that he WAS spotted by patrons running in the door and heading directly for the restrooms. First tried the women's, then went in the men's. When officers came in, they asked if anyone had just run in and were immediately directed to the right room. The bartender found it unusual that the guy ran to the restroom, but figured maybe something was more important than an immediate drink!

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...and he really should have something done about that cellulite in his legs!

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Oh, Sparty! I was expecting a dog named Sparky ... or would that be more of a fire department mascot?