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LOL got to love the guy hiding behind a screen name complaining about someone else being a ITG . This must be a TNA locker room and which member of Aces and 8's are you? Gallows or Knox?

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Hornswoggle showed them pictures of him, Khali, Mark Henry and Mae Young eating pie with no whipped cream

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Please Hulk Hogan, I know you regret signing with TNA but would you PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP. Wah I hate this Wah I hate that, Wah this sucks and I am going to hold my breath until I blew Brooke.

Correction: Smackdown is not a PPV so if you don't like it pick up your remote and change the channel. But please enough whining already you are boring me to death

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It looks more like you are a fraud pretending to be the kid in hopes of getting people to respond to you so you can have fun at their expense.

Not even original in how you posted so go back to your make believe world and stop boring the rest of us with your drivel

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Extreme Katie? Devoting time, money, energy and considering this to be part of the evening news shows how badly KVAL has fallen as a real newscast.

Want extreme then fire the news director for turning KVAL news into the biggest joke in the Eugene area. John Doyle must be rolling in his grave watching the station he built up into a respectable source of news become a side show.

Exactly what is so newsworthy about these extreme Katie series?

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Gee whiz the poor baby is heartbroken over her "divorce". Just as heartbroken as she was over the sex tape that launched her and her family's cash cow.

The word is credibility Mrs Jenner and right now you, your daughter or your family have any.

Is there nothing you people won't do for money?

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It seems as if you speak up against this then you are seen as "anti-police". Here are my problems with this:
1-It is not about not honoring Officer Kilcullen it is about the dangerous precedent that this could set. Not wanting to sound morbid but what happens the next time a police officer or other emergency service worker loses his life in the line of duty?
2- It is wonderful that our area politicians have the time and energy to work on this bill but how come not one of them has addressed John Kilcullen's request to address how to make it harder for a person with mental issuges being able to get their hands on weapons? We keep hearing about doing what the family wants but this is being ignored.
3-This leads to the next issue and that is 5/21/1998 and I will guarantee that the majority of people reading this will have no idea what is special about this date until they google it.
If you do not know what this is then my point about in time nothing will change and Officer Kilcullen will have been forgotten.
4-Most cities that lose emergency workers in the line of duty name parks or schools in their honor. Here people want to name a dangerous highway that has not seen any real repairs to it since the 1990s.. Where is the discussion about making that road safer?

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Here is what gets me, I keep seeing people like yourself looking for any possible reason to trash President Obama.

Thanks for showing me that Darwin's theory of evolution works backwards as well as forwards.

Maybe we should turn you in to the Department of Homeland Security as a possible terrorist as so far the only ones who want to see proof are Bin Laden's supporters. You know maybe you need to prove to the rest of us that you are not a terrorist.

Really you have to be because these days the people who are doing the most damage to America are the blind sheep of the tea party and birthers.

Here is what this independent is seeing these days; GOP governors who are screwing over the working man by stripping away collective bargaining.

GOP leaders are trying to go back to the stone age and stick the government's nose into the reproductive rights of women.

The GOP is trying to screw over seniors by messing up Medicare and Medicaid.

All over the USA newly elected members of the GOP are going "Oops I forgot to tell you that if elected I am going to screw you over"

Yet people like you still want to point the finger at Obama? Thanks because right now given a choice of another 4 years of Obama or any of the anti-American tea party lovers I would rather have him.

Obama right now is a whole lot less scarier than what the GOP is offering

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"Oh crap, he never did say anything to back up this woman or excuse what she did."

You compared something that happened what a couple of years ago as a possible reason to justify why she shot the officer. It was who that introduced what one officer did as a possible reason for self defense (see we do read)

You continue on by posting the story of the crooked cop in another post. Again it is not doing anything but reading what you posted.

Then you act like everyone else is wrong because of what you wrote.

In fact here is word for word your original post:

What is wrong with you people? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Are your memories so short that you forget about the other Eugene police officer? You know, the one that raped innocent women? Why do you pass judgement so easily? EPD has given us more than enough cause to withhold judgement. This could be self defense. The EPD are hardly pure souls.

You never once here offered this up as a possible scenario; you just wrote it, you did not show any feelings for the officer and his family until after several called you out.

In fact to use your own request you are guilty by the evidence offered up by of all people you.

Yet you continue to proclaim you are the one who is misunderstood despite that it is your own words that say otherwise.

I did read, I did understand and I do know someone who is full of crap when I see one.

That would be you of course as we are now going to be subjected to more of your "I did not do a single thing wrong" posts.

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Please spare me your "woe is me I am the victim here". You are the one who posted that "this could be self defense", you justified your post by using the actions of one criminal cop to smear the others.
How you could link what a crooked cop did to even offer up a possible reason to justify a possible scenario says something about you.

I read your posts and can say without a doubt that you are full of it. You wrote what you did to get some attention, you wrote what you did because you knew you would get a whole lot of angry responses.

You are a fraud, someone who seeks attention and gets his jollies by getting the attention that you must never get in the real world.

I live by where the incident took place, happened to drive by not knowing what had happened. I thought about all the possible things that could have happened except the possibility that a human being was shot for trying to do his job.

I have a great idea how about we put you on a motorcycle and have someone shoot you in the chest then we can argue over whether or not there was anything valid to excuse the behavior OK?