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He thinks this is The United States of Obama. For Obama, By Obama.
Arrogant SO#%&*!!!.

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I can't afford a vacation. :o(

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Here's another idea. Many small town newspapers only carry so much news and most of the time it is local news and not national. BUT they will take "ads". Basically if you pay for it to be in the paper then they more than likely will allow it. Many times they won't allow certain things in the opinions and letter to editor section. But small time papers like it when people "pay". Tea party's can start sending out these "ads" to area town papers to educate America. I am sure people would donate for this cause. I would.

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After watching Mr Beck today....I thought.....Wow, I wish everyone in America could see and hear what Mr Beck was saying. Then it occurred to me, Obama is an organizer and he has all these town hall meetings to get his message across. Wouldn't it be nice if we could fight fire with fire? Have a group(s) traveling around the country and also having town hall meetings just to educate and tell the people the real truth about our dictator and his agenda and what is really going on with our government? Sorta campaign type thing. Nobody is running for anything or endorsing anyone or a party. Just the facts. My fear is that before long we won't have the freedom to speak out.

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I take offense that some would think I am making this up. It took alot of thought for me to finally express what happen to us. Only because it was unbelievable and senseless to have happened in the first place. There was no cutting, no talking political or otherwise, no flags, slogans and etc. We never paid attention to what race was in the store until we were verbally attacked. What precipitated this incident was a man standing behind us while we waited in line to pay for our purchase. All it took was for that ONE person to start it and others followed.
Because we are white then "we" must have done something to cause the attack? I suppose if I am wearing a short skirt then I am asking to be raped? Because I drive a SUV or truck then I must be a redneck? Because I post on this site then I may be a terrorist?
Only bumper sticker I have is a high school logo. We don't wear slogan t -shirts unless it is to support the local school. We do not have tattoos or piercings. We are average looking grand parents. My husband doesn't even wear a hat and has a military style hair cut. I don't wear my "good" jewelry out unless it is a special event.
So what set these people off to start with? YOU tell me. My guess is Obama and the media. I am sure we are not the first and won't be the last.

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I heard people say they voted for him because they wanted to be a part of "history". So stupid.

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LOL... thanks for the laugh!

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Seems to be the same world wide! :<(

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I almost thought not to share because I was afraid I would be opening a can of worms but then I knew I had to let people know what the mentality is becoming because of our dictator. Over 30 years ago I saw the cruelty of racism in Georgia (the story is in Mr. Beck's book The Real America) and even was denied service at a Dairy Queen in Augusta, GA that was in a black neighborhood. But I did not feel unsafe at any time. I no longer feel safe. There is more to worry about then foreign terrorists. My husband is also 60 and will not post in any forums. He is pessimistic though and has faith that America will be straightened up at the next election year. I on the other hand know that it will take a long time for America to heal from what the goons in our government is doing to us.

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Off I37 near San Antonio, Texas. I think the small town close by was Pleasanton. I don't know what the name of the store was. Just a convenience store with gas pumps we saw at an exit. We had thoughts of just getting out of there before guns pulled out on us and was watching to make sure no one following us. Never thought to get business name. We will probably drive that way again one day (just to pass it) and find out the name of the store.