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I personally like GUComics version of the trailer better:


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Read about how Perpetuum received an influx of players in such mass that they had to limit the number of players (I believe the issue now fixed). Now I can understand why some are upset however there on some on the EVE boards using Perpetuum as a form of protest so they are basically leaving one MMO because of its cash-shop for another MMO that will be adding a cash-shop in the future, this is just a weak attempt at attention grabbing in my opinion.

I am curious to see how those numbers hold after the trial period ends. Though this might be a good time for though interested in the MMO as there will a larger population to play with. I for one took a look and liked the MMO but not enough to drop any MMO I currently play. I also think this is nothing but a good thing for PO as they will get some new subscriptions and some free PR. ;) As I have a soft spot of indie developers I might sub for a few months even if I don't play.

Oh and massively.com has an article on the influx: http://massively.joystiq.com/2011/06/26/perpetuum...

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I approve as well and didn't bother reading their article just the supposed leaked e-mail. I deal with enough sensationalized media here in the USA when it comes to our government so much so that I tend to follow BBC. I don't need the same for the games I play, all I want is for the devs of those games to be honest and blunt which is one of the reasons why I have come to respect CCP.

On the topic of the e-mail, honestly if this letter is real and complete I admit that I would have much preferred it to CCP Zulu's dev blog as it presents the level of transparency I had come to expect from CCP. Over all I liked the e-mail, it covered what I wanted to know... now I am off to find Unshra's pillow (yes that's become somewhat of a gag for me now.) ;-p

I am looking forward to next week after the dust as settle down a little bit.

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Hmm something must be wrong with me; the first thing my character did was shave and check himself over in the mirror. Afterwards he got upset, not because of NEX, not because of leaked information that was broadcasted on all channels but because someone stole his pillow. He searched high and low for it and it was nowhere to be found, not in the ammo drums, under the table or next to his pod... so he slept on the couch and used the armrest instead. Sometimes I don't know what I am going to do with him. *shrugs*

In all seriousness (right like all the rest was a pack of lies http://www.gintorva.com/images/games/eve/unshra-c... )I believe my feelings are in line with yours, should the sandbox be taken away I will move on and leave EVE to its own fate.

Little bit more off topic, when it came to CCP Zulu's blog today, the slap in the face felt more like a caressing breeze. I honestly expected nothing less from CCP (they are use to firestorms) and will continue on as normal as I no longer know what to expect from CCP but it slowly feels like the sandbox is being divided by zero, I just hope someone finds the hole and plugs it.

Great read Myrhial, and thank you for sharing your thoughts (and feelings) on all that has happened this week. ^_^

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I think Duncan did I great job of covering the details regarding their planning and testing (including their lack of foresight), this is just classic EvE and I am actually glad to see it at work in such events as the Alliance Tournament.

Link to Duncan's post: http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&...

Nihil Est Sanctum

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Looking good... the pod looks nice too. ;)

I had to wipe my SiSi install and have yet to re-install the client, so I have not gotten the chance to see the updated quarters since they first went live (and you could fall through the world). But I digress, are you able walk down to the pod to get a closer look and if so how is does its size compare to your character (does the scale look about right)?

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See if my company has openings for my position and clearance in Colorado, if not I will see what other job openings there are (within and outside the company) and make my plans accordingly.

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Over all I am enjoying the potential that captain's quarters represents and look forward to one day being able to meet other characters face to face when roleplaying. I do hope that the controls for walking and controlling the camera improve I would prefer to have an "option" of it trailing behind you to allow for the sort of camera steering we see in most RPGs and MMOs.

My character did stepping out of his pod and sitting (or as you pointed out floating) down. On a personal note I can see the final stages of walking in stations having the affect of me logging in more often and enjoying the universe of EVE. ^_^