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For instance, I've predetermined I will outcome on her face.

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No they don't. They need sponsors, merchandise sales, network sales, iTunes, YouTube, Hulu... This isn't 1995.

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Paige looks like a drag queen cosplaying as Paige.

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I’m sure it’s not going to end clean. They like to pretend to blow their load then bait and switch.

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Is there any reason we’re supposed to forget Jason Jordan has a leg injury on a weekly basis?

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I listen to it each time. It’s a fun trip down memory lanes

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Also, wwe literally sent out a cease and desist notice to other wrestlers for doing the Too Sweet. Clearly Vince believes that it is WWE property meant to be used on wwe programming. That’d be like Triple H doing the crotch chop and getting in trouble because the nwo used to do it too.

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Yeah thank god AJ Styles is salvaging that “DISASTER” of Jinder Mahal. He raised ratings by a whole .2. Phew. We’re saved, guys, wrestling is in top form. Whether you liked Jinder Mahal or not, people need to come to terms with the fact that everyone kept watching despite supposedly hating Jinder. AJ Styles is obviously the best choice to be the World Champion, but pretending someone destroyed the business when literally nothing had changed is a joke. AJ Styles was on the same card during all the low ticket sales too. There’s no one single golden bullet that is going to shoot sales and ratings through the roof on a consistent basis anymore, whether AJ Styles is champion or not. It wasn’t a disaster. You just didn’t like it.

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Yes they can. They did it with Swoggle. Just dusted their hands off, shrugged and agreed, “this never happened.”

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You have sock puppet accounts to downvote people and upvote yourself? That’s really sad man.