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If we stopped providing secondary impulses (i.e. free education, subsidized housing, welfare payments, free contraception, abortion services, food stamps, EBT cards, unemployment benefits, lofty pensions, Obamacare, Obamaphones, etc.) to illegals, the indigent, the lazy and those who do not work, we would have plenty of money left over for primary impulses (police and fire protection, infrastructure and necessary government functions such as courts and prisons).

Nobody wants to work anymore, but everybody has their hand out. We have reached the tipping point where the dwindling makers can no longer support the burgeoning takers.

It really is as simple as this, people.

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LOVE Thidwick! My personal favorite!! Talk about the Occupy Wall Street crowd - they are all the freeloading animals riding in Thidwick's antlers.

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Do we even need to read film reviews anymore? If it comes from Hollywood, we can automatically assume it is:

-Down with life
-Down with America
-Down with capitalism
-Down with competition
-Down with corporations
-Down with individualism
-Down with personal responsibility
-Down with manners and polite behavior
-Down with faith, churches or any religion
-Down with working males (especially white)
-Down with any codes of morality, ethics or decency.

Double the fantasy quotient, triple the gloss and sheen, quadruple the special EFX to hide the fact that you don't have a viable story, wrap it all up in a flashy publicity campaign with loud noise, amped-up music and nano-second edits, and VOILA! You've got yourself a major, quasi-million dollar Hollywood propaganda piece, playing at a multiplex near you and seeking YOUR hard-earned dollars to fund it.

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Pity poor Julianne. As a Hollywood actress, she has to stick to the liberal meme, or risk not getting all those "juicy" roles (that nobody cares about or goes to see). You see, in Hollywood, if you don't parrot the liberal line of b.s., you're ostracized.

Then again, she may actually BE a liberal, in which case she's even more lunkheaded than I thought.

Careful, Julianne. Lunkheaded, AGING actresses tend to get their bony-faced, freckle-assed selves tossed to the curb in Hollywood. "Oh, but she's so TALENTED!!" Yeah, so are thousands of other younger, prettier girls. Best you keep your mouth shut, your make-up caked on and your fingers crossed. Unlike Sarah Palin, you're going to need all the help you can get.

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Dirty Davy 777 says, "Lynching Soros would go a long way to Fixing the worlds Economy. All the other globalist minions would Crawl back under their rocks till they thought it was safe again."

Brilliant analogy! Soros is like bin Laden - the chief economic terrorist. Eliminate him, and all the other cockroaches scuttle for cover.

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I stopped reading this article after the second sentence.

Why does every journalist, pundit and blogger have to take a shot at Sarah Palin, as if it's some sort of resume enhancement amongst their equally-stupid colleagues? So tired.

All this tells me is that Sarah Palin is right over the target. She lives rent-free in what passes for the minds of the media.

Don't get your panties in a wad, Peter. Incidentally, isn't "Peter Wehner" redundant? Why don't you make it easy on yourself, and just adopt the moniker "putz".

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SARAH PALIN......paging SARAH PALIN...... clean-up in aisles G, O and P.......

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Your shipment of grape-flavored GOP kool-aid - - with "extra truth additives" - - has been sent. Thank you for your order.

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"I have been a conservative all my life but I will never vote for Sarah Palin or listen to Mark Levin"

Then you are not a conservative. Better brush up on your conservative credentials and find out what one is. Listening to Sarah Palin, Mark Levin - - and Rush Limbaugh - - is a good starting point.

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Find me a real conservative. This country has turned into a bunch of spineless, whiny, dependent, entitlement babies.

If you took everything away from Sarah Palin - home, money, possessions....it wouldn't matter. She'd be back on top in under a year. She's self-made; she has her wits about her; she knows how to survive. She could even hunt and fish her own food.

Can you say the same for most of the rest of America? It's sad, really.