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"I guess your religion (presumably atheism) is okay though?"
Atheism is not a religion. Theism, is also not a religion. Belief or disbelief in a god does not necessarily make you religious.

13 years ago @ Ungodly Cynic - Matt Damon on Sarah Palin · 0 replies · +2 points

"I think you guys are out of you mind. The TRUTH is that there is FAR more evidence supporting a creator than not."
I would think that would be a matter of perception and preference...

"It's truely unfortunate that these "celebrities" continue to value and worship themselves and their own ego, as opposed to giving thanks to a higher power who is responsible for not only giving us life, but giving the entire world a chance for salvation when not one of us deserve it."
It is truely unfortunate when a celebrity who has spent their lives acting, would possess greater intelligence than a hockey mom from Alaska. You think it irrational that atheists don't believe, what you don't realise is that we atheists don't go to the point of saying with absolute certainty that there is no god, certainty is something that you seem to pertain to. If we are to thank god for all the good that happens in the world, then we may as well thank god for all the evil that is in the world.