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The BBC reports this morning that the moderate, legitimate government of Gaza is er, cracking down on a 'radical group' in Gaza after it declared Gaza an "Islamic emirate".

Coming as this does from the upside down Alice-in-Wonderland world of our terminally biased and hopelessy leftard state broadcaster, this would transtale to normal people as: Top Islamofascist Criminal Gang Wipes out Rival

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Yes, 'min' should have read 'sec' - sorry my mistake. I'd sure hope to be wrong about this too, but there's nothing wrong with a little healthy scepticism on the other hand.

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Take a look at the video again - stop it almost as soon as it starts (about 01:00), where she surges forward and says 'hi' to the reporter/interviewer with a big confident smile on her face. Now watch how that expression switches almost instantaneously to a fearful, passive expression and she retreats rapidly to the protective arms of the man over the next 3-5 seconds.

It was that rapid switch in such a short time that first concerned me, then the other signals I mentioned earlier. It just doesn't stack up for me.

If her story is genuine then she must he helped - and I wouldn't deny her that in the least - I'd help her too. But my alarm bells are ringing here and I want to know more.

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Re: apostate girl:

Whilst I'm deeply concerned about honour killings and the plight of apostates of Islam (in fact I don't know why I'm bothering to say it), there's something about this clip that doesn't sit right with me. Whilst I could well be wrong, the whole thing looks contrived and almost 'staged'.

She is crying, yet there are no tears in her eyes. She also seems precociously assertive and confident; yet at times appears to hold onto the gentlemen she is standing with, like a small child. I'm not convinced. I'd certainly appreciate the benefit of more background.

Would a real Muslim confuse 'Halal' with 'Haraam'? Is it just me?

Any young female apostate of islam would rightly fear for her life. But she simply does not strike me as a girl who fears for her life.

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Not so 'un-Islamic' when they're all melted down though, are they? The Religion of Organised Crime runs yet another scam.

Human trafficking, heroin, sex-abuse rings? It's all in the book for non-Muslims. But now it appears that in the absence of many of those (well, would you go to Somalia?) they're turning on their own, too.

Edited to say: 'Arrrrrrrhghhhhh!!! to Intensive Debate..

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...we will bid Intense Debate and its tangle of incoherencies adieu forever...

Alahu Akbar!

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The Religion of Organised Crime... with its 'Profit' as exemplar.

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Is anyone at Intense Debate going to do something about this fiasco?

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Good job I hedged my bets when I covered it on the blog :)

Bad thing he's still crawling the earth if he is still alive...

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Taqiyya AND apostasy!