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This is fantastic news! For only 3 grand a day we can buy Labour MP's! Why don't we see if we can buy Harman et al, and influence their immigration and equality policies!

3K is a very reasonable fee, and I admire the Party for allowing all levels of society to participate in political corruption, not just large, rich corporations. Even ordinary members of the public, and parties like the BNP, with limited resources, can now afford to influence policy, thanks to the fantastically low prices charged by our wonderful politicians

Labour is without doubt the best government money can buy, and the best value for money! Fantastic!

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All truth passes through three stages:
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer
German philosopher (1788 - 1860)

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Here's another way to confuse the authorities when they try and stop you filming: When they come over to you, just say, "I no unnerstan. I tourist, from Poland, ees nice demmo, yes? I like very much." Eengland she have many Muslim man, yes??? Whatever they say to you, just smile and say, " I no unnerstan..., I sorry" , then walk off and start filming again when they can't see you. From personal experience I find that looking blankly at people and "not unnerstaning" confuses the hell out of them.

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If someone asked me to stop filming in those circumstances I would say that I was filming on behalf of the Labour Party, and the footage would be used to show the world how wonderfully diverse and enriched the country has become. I would say that I wanted to show the world just how wonderful it was that, instead of only Christian rituals, like Christmas, there were now fantastic Islamic festivals and demonstrations as well, and we are all the better for it. I might even add a few Allahu Aqbars for good measure, and say that we are 100% behind the Muslim community and will champion their rights whenever we can.

I would then send the footage to the BNP, as usual. Avoid conflict whenever you can, because in a head to head fight, they will always win.

BTW, have you considered filming in a Burkah? :)

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The authorities had better face this problem head on. If they don't, ordinary people, outraged by what is happening, will end up taking the law into their own hands. Incidents like this are what ultimately spark race wars.

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I admire your courage, EnglandUK1, but history shows that folks who are prepared to die for their beliefs often do, and their sacrifice is soon forgotten. Also, you are no use to the party (or anyone else) if you are dead! :)

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I think that the easiest way to neutralise this latest attack is for EVERYBODY, irrespective of who they are, to deny absolutely that they are in any way involved with the BNP, if they are called, as I was by a person who withheld their number.

That way, people who wish to use the list for malicious purposes will never be sure if the people on the list are genuine targets or not. In addition, the party should have a policy NEVER to confirm whether someone on the list is actually a party member. That way, people in sensitive jobs , such as teaching and the police, can simply deny membership and not lose their jobs.

Our enemies will stop at nothing to destroy us, and we need to use underhanded tactics to counter them, rather then direct confrontation, which we will lose.

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There can be only two explanations for this apparantly 'mad' behaviour on the part of the authorities:

1. They are trying to scare the population, to try and make us think, " If they can arrest you for simply stating a point of view, what can they do if we are really trying to insult Muslims?"

2. They are trying to provoke the white population to start a civil war, so that they can bring in even more repressive laws, and defeat them on the streets. (This is what they did to the miners in 1984, and it worked extremely well.)

Our defence: 1. Don't allow yourself to be cowed by the authorities. No right thinking jury will every convict you of taking part in reasoned debate. We're British, after all. We won two world wars, and we can win again!
2. Don't let them have their civil war: Use passive resistance instead.

Remember: The people doing this are not mad or stupid, but they are evil.