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The Daily Show covered a similar story way back in 2001: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-april-3-200...
The stupidity among gun nuts runs long and deep.

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Given his abuse of the English language, logic, and probably his livestock, my bet is that the Jane Austen reference at the end of this post would fly completely over the square head of Farmer Holt.

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Sham? Wow.

That's all I got.

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This is so awful, I can't even snark. My sympathies go out to that man's family and friends.

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And yet the NRA opposes gun locks and safe storage laws. They expect six-year-olds to be more responsible than adults.

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Huck is just one colorful, all-caps sign away from the Westboro Church nutcases.

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This is why, if I win Powerball tonight, putting the NRA out of business will be on my to-do list.

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Yikes -- that's even worse than the old design, in terms of a lack of hand-holds for shorter people.

I realize that Metro doesn't like to put poles near the doors because people tend to crowd around them and not move to the center of the cars, but those vast empty spaces near the doors are going to fill up at rush hour, no matter what. You've got to give people something to hang on to.

The rails that run along the ceilings should at least have those straps that hang down -- and not those metal handles that flip up, which are useless. This is a stupid design.

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The design as shown in the photo still sucks because there aren't enough places for short people to hang on to when they're stuck in the open area by the doors. Reaching up to the rail along the ceiling isn't an option for anyone under 5'4" or people with shoulder problems. And the horizontal bars near the doors are useless because people tend to use them as butt rests, instead of holding onto them with their hands.

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Sadly, my first thought was, "Oh great. What are the Dems going to give away *this* time?"