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"It's been 3000 years..." (still posting in the comments, still don't know how to embed gifs :s )

I... I honestly started to think that checking this site at least twice a week was a hopeless endeavor. That accursed 55% loading bar...

I also agree that a Discord server would be great, it's awesome to see this place back!

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Still here, still lurking, mostly. I check the site every day hoping for new content, but I've resorted to checking the comments on this submission once every couple of weeks for new posts. This is what Halolz is now :c

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I don't know, the crows over in Spain have been known to drop gemstones and hand grenades if you're lucky.

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If Wonder Trade is any indication, I don't think Froakie and its evolutions are going extinct anytime soon either.

Also, if you think IV breeding leads to overpopulation, try breeding for perfect shinies. I think I've produced at least half the world population of Shinx and Riolu ._.

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Well I'd been watching the Nintendo Direct in incredibly low video quality, so I'd only seen the rough silhouette and a big blue-ish energy ball thing. Needless to say, I don't really care if Mewtwo makes it back in, but a lot of people (fanboys) were probably quick to jump to the immediate conclusion.

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Ah, the story of giant robot love. I just hope it doesn't turn out like his first relationship...

( Yeah, I can't get Youtube URL things to work either :| )

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I can confirm that at least Trunks is busy with con stuff- I just saw him live in person today at Megacon in Orlando, Florida. I bought some socks and then forgot them there for a couple of hours. I am not a proud man.

But I could imagine that setting up at a convention along with booking accommodations and such can take a lot of time and effort- I don't think either of them live close to Florida, at least. We just need to be patient.

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Ah, the good old days... It was uphill BOTH ways too, if you were lucky. That's where the magic came in.

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I feel like the facial expression of the Murkrow telling the joke is what really makes this post; it's corny and he knows it... It's so corny that it's KILLING me.