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The outcome could never have gone any other way considering the Alliance threw gave away all negotiating power on this issue at Belfast City Hall to Republicans. A clueless party that does not understand negotiation or even rudimentary conflict resolution techniques.

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Yes, it is people like you who tell us to "grow up folks" and don't try to defend ourselves against our own annihilation by people with no respect for democracy and driven by a zeal to make their little map look pretty, and egged on by your chums in NYC. How "grown up" it is to simply tell others to commit suicide just because the attempted annihilation of others and their rights to self-determination "doesn't bother you in any way".

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No it isn't "staunchly pro-Irish", it's staunchly pro Irish Republican.

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It's also very telling that the only symbolism allowed in the parade was the name of the band, "England out of Ireland", or an Irish Republican tricolour.

Just shows how absolutely clueless most "Irish Americans" are when they insist on a flag which would not represent the majority of people who live in the area where St. Patrick spent a large proportion of his time (including years at Slemish)

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You have to laugh at this "dissident Republican" excuse being used for what we would call normal clueless US Plastic Paddies. With relation to Northern Ireland, ALL Republicans are "dissident".

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another boring argument on semantics by someone from the British Isles.

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people in Britain don't understand Ulster loyalist behaviour as they have had a cushioned and sheltered life and not the ones who have been under the same direct threat from Republican terror, and do not have a system of being the government designed to appease terrorists. they are free to make decisive democratic decisions. they have had governments who at least partially put English interests ahead of their enemies. they can be proud of their nationality without some alliance **** mouthing off.

all "progressive" appeasement policies of the Alliance Party do nothing other than encourage further destabilisation.

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that's only because southern prods kept their heads down after being decimated and got on with things after Catholic hegemony. And also because northern prods and British accepted the legitimacy of the southern right to self-determination and didn't spend vast efforts into undermining the southern state.

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Good. Now keep your noses out of our affairs. By "us" I don't only mean Northern Ireland, but most of the rest of the world which you are clueless about.

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no, only weak, pathetic, submissive, can't-we-all-just-get-along, principle-less, do-gooding, middle class, sissy, appeaser types who have devolved to no longer have a backbone to stand resilient and hold the line against those who would rather we were driven into the Irish Sea. Many may find parades repetitive, but most see them as little other than bit of harmless colour and musical tradition that does not deserve the sheer hatred directed against them by Republicans.