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Perhaps, whatever passes shall be a direct result of the pressure Bibi has put upon O'bama's credibility as a world leader. Would any State leader do less to help insure the survival of his country?

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There is no legal reason why non-Jews should be admitted. As a practicing Christian, however, it would have been nice if, in my youth, I had been allowed to attend a Jewish camp, to learn about Jewish culture and religion, perhaps dispelling many myths and prejudices propogated by the ignorant and agenda driven. For many, it has taken a near lifetime of association to dispel millenea of ignorance and prejudice. Assocation is the best cure, yet for many Jews it is shunned.

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Jews gone wild!!!!

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Being a native North Carolinian Charlotte) and Christian, now displaced to Baltimore, I grew up in a South prejudiced, blind and ignorant to and about Jewish heritage and history. Southerners were uncivilly civil to Jews, blissfully remaining so in their ignorance. However, I was blessed with attending a high echelon public high school where scholastic acheivement was preemminent. Our student body also had a high incidence of Jewish children, who excelled. Everyone was treated equally, in sports, scholastic endeavour, and social activities, and all ethnicities thrived, even Blacks, who were slowly integrated into our school. Our graduation speaker was Harry Golden; a man whom we, almost to the person, greatly admired. It was an enlightening time for all of us, having in our midst Jews, who had been victims of uncivil civility by many others in the community. The South is greatly different now, and I sigh at the World's ignorance and blindness to most all things Jewish. L'chaim, all you guys!

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God, a voice of reasoned sanity!

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She may be a great person, but as a jurist, she doesn't follow The Constitution. she pulls rulings out of a hat from foreign writings, which have nothing to do with our Constitution.

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When s-o-c-i-l-i-a-l-i-s-m advances to the point where citizens know that neither the present nor the future holds anything they wish for, many strike out at easy targets and the successful in their frustration, not to mention European Muslims, who call upon any teaching or excuse to persecute or murder others not of their faith. Perhaps this is why America shall remain a haven and a place to thrive for all Jewish people, as long as SCOTUS rules Consitutionally, the result of which unshackles anyone born in any circumstance who comes to or lives in America.

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Oppose the Emperor and he'll get you any way he can. That's why there are so many water bearers, other than the other leftist idealogues.

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It's a good thing we've left the sixteenth century, at least in the States. May God help the european Jews. It seems as if the other side of the pond has reverted.

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The difference being that the Obama has nothing to lose regarding his existence, and the Jewish people do.