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Agreed. Netenyahu said himself on the floor of the US Congress -- NO US TROOPS IN ISRAEL!!!

Here is the full address.

Here is a shorter part of the video

Everyone needs to stop drinking the mainstream media Koolaid and study their candidates!!


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Andrew, where is the Romney Criticism?????

Post something already, or you're in the tank for Mittens!!


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Doesn't look like a war zone or that the troops are at war!!



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Andrew Breitbart is totally in the tank for Romney!!!!


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Let's see some more criticism of Mitt. The media (Breitbart included) seems to focus criticism on every candidate EXCEPT Romney.

Sound familiar? Who'd the media want elected in 2008...Obama.

Come on Andrew... Open up your black box on Romney and spill the goods!! Don't become part of the establishment media. Mitt has a wealth of information you can dig up to give perspectives on ALL the GOP candidates.

So far, Andrew is carrying the water for Romney -- just like the rest of the mainstream media.


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Bottom Line -- let the America people decide. It's a Republic.

And who care if Iowans vote for Ron Paul or any other candidate. I'm tired of the media telling us who to vote for... They NEVER criticize Mitt's record.

I don't trust Republicans or Democrats. They take turns in office until they get caught, while the American voter has no real choice on their ballot year after year. It's nice to have a little selection...we're capitalists.


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Nice to see someone (Breitbart) finally call a Spade a Spade!! Beck a puppet of the Mormon church.

Google Mason's, Joseph Smith, Mormonism, Thomas S Monson, and even question Mormonism against Islam. The religion of create your own sex plant and make women in to submissive pregnant cows sounds VERY much like a twisted version of Islam. It's all about power and don't think the Mormon's won't go beyond party lines for control - Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, and on and on and on....

Why did Joseph Smith need to re-write the Bible just like the prophet Muhammed wrote the Quaran? Why did Muhammed receive a new religion from the 'angel' Gabriel while Joseph Smith receive Mormonism from the 'angel' Baroni?

Revelation 22:18-19 says let the 10 plagues of Egypt be against anyone for adding or removing from scripture....and that their name will not be added to the book of life.

Sorry, Mormonism is a false religion.

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Great....4 more years of Obama. Way to go. When is the GOP going to get a serious candidate...or, better. When is the media going to let the people choose!

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Agreed. He should be as specific as possible. I'm curious about the money and text messages.

'Acquaintances' don't have each others phone numbers after 13-years....nor do married men have female friends.

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Sad that a non-establishment candidate gets torn down so quickly. If Herman doesn't get on the ticket, then I'm not voting in 2012....even for or against Obama. That's because Republicans (like Newt & Mitt) are just as corrupt as Democrats. I'm tired of getting crappy candidates on the general election...such as in 2008 w/ McCain / Palin. Lame!!

We're hoping for the best for Herman and that his marriage is strong through all of this.