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Your cats make my cats look like total losers. And mine are still smarter and achieve more while taking their naps than a Palin.

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“Removing that definition and replacing it with an ‘any two qualified persons’ definition will inevitably weaken those child-centric norms,” Schaerr wrote. “As a result, more children of heterosexual couples will likely grow up without the active influence of one or both biological parents, and will therefore face an increased risk of crime, emotional and psychological difficulties, poor performance in school and other ills.”

So he's thinking there will be a flood of parents leaving heterosexual marriages to enter a homosexual marriage? Why? Is this something he's contemplated? It gives such insight into the inner workings of these small minds.

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You had me running to Wikipedia to see when he graduated. We did not overlap. Whew!

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My mother's version had sauteed mushrooms instead of the onions, and a dash of worcestershire sauce. Yummy stuff. When I make it I do not put it in beef aspic like she did for her fancy bridge parties.

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Horse expresses his opinion on their conversation by taking a dump at 1:28.

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Somewhere there's a memo with that strategy lined out. Spooky.

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Wait a minute, I thought that was our state motto here in Texas!

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Since the origin of saying "bless you" centered around the pagan belief that a sneeze might allow demons to enter the body, you'd think the christians wouldn't want to encourage the practice.

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Willie abides. And he's calmer than you.

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Were you black while you did this?