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Will someone actually report the reason their petitions were rejected? Was it because there were invalid signatures or was it that the there were not 400 from each district? Would be nice if some reporter would report more than just the sensational stuff and give us details.

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Both movements think there should be change. The difference is that the OWS clowns want anarchy or Marxist values and the TEA Party wants common sense and traditional values. The two just don't mix and any comparison trying to link the two are just trying to legitimize the OWS nut jobs.

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Typical protesters. They think 1st ammendment rights only apply to people they agree with.

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Three months on the clock ... tick tock ...

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Self righteous hater, in other words, a typical liberal. Every union leader I hear speaking to their members sounds like bigots and freedom hating ingoramuses.

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It's long past due to put these mobs down. Bring out the gas and rubber bullets then open up on their punk asses until they go back to their worthless little lives and leave actual working people and their businesses alone.

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"It's a green-letter day but it's one that will echo down the ages," .. I can hear it now. FOOLS! ... Fools! .... fools! .....

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Typical socialist fools! They do it for the "benefit" of renters. But all they really guarantee is a massive increase in slum housing as landlords won't be able to maintain the properties under rent control. And I'm sure all the consumers will benefit hugely from the food shortages caused by price controls on foodstuffs...NOT

Ignorant bastards!

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As if we needed any more reasons to vote Brad (The Tool) Miller OUT of office ... Support Bill Randall

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You are partly correct. However, we don't need to turn away from the GOP. We need to convert the GOP the same way the progressives infiltrated and converted the Democrat party.

If we attempt to regain control through a third party, we are doomed to perpetual defeat.