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Holy fuck. This is great. They really need to have a Brony episode. So does South Park. Bronies need to learn how to laugh at themselves, and that will help. Though those shows won't top Howard Stern doing what he did, that was fucking fantastic.

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Well, it's about fucking time. I thought they would have done this after season two.

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That Rarity in 33 is beautiful as fuck.

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I want one. I want one so bad.

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Feeling Pinkie-Keen was the only one I truly disliked. I really hated how they crammed the religious undertones in. Kids are brainwashed by religion enough as it is (no offense to anyone, but it's true).

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I don't mind it at all. If they actually became a couple, I'd be fine with it. So fucking what? People are so convinced that it's a bad thing. No, it's not. It's not like the fans own the character. The writers will do what they want. Look at how Twilight becoming an alicorn took place. People ranted, complained, and bitched. I even heard that it was the "end of the show and the fandom". But it wasn't, and it turned out to be a great thing for the show. Same for if Flash and Twilight were to become a couple in the show. It would turn out to be a good thing, and people would end up liking it.

I'd like to reiterate how people think they own the characters or the show. You don't. It's almost like they're jealous that the character was canonically taken, which is really fucking weird. Yeah, it messes with fiction and such, but it's fiction. It doesn't have to be canonically accurate. Yes, I am aware of being protective of it. But things change. It evolves. Things like this happening keep it fresh and not stale, which is a good thing.

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Project Horizons is even longer now. And almost just as good. :3

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Psh. You call this hard? Easy! Just takes a bit more time is all.

But in all seriousness, I'd be destroyed if my hands suddenly became hooves. No more art, no more drums, no more writing... D: The fascination of it would be quickly replaced with a crushing depression.

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You, uh...You should go play it. Like, now. Best games ever (except BoS) ever, hands down.

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While I absolutely cannot stand April Fools day, I got a good laugh out of this.