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A bit late on this and rather random, but just in case: anyone know if the MLP comics are available in French? I'm in France and I thought it'd make a good souvenir for my brony brother. I've seen them in German but have had no luck with French and I would just like to know if I'm wasting my time

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If it makes you feel any better, April 12th's my birthday and I get no episode :(

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Mind = blown. When Digi said he was going to do this video at Bronycon, I had no idea this would be the result. Bravo sirs, bravo.

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Bill Neigh is best pony

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While I do think it'd be a really good idea to have some centralized location for good cosplays in general for the wider community (spark creativity, look cool, etc) idk if EQD is the right format for doing so. What constitutes a "good" cosplay is incredibly subjective and idk if a few people deciding what makes the cut is the best idea, not to mention the opportunity for hurtful comments; EQD moderators can't be everywhere.

Personally, I think a subreddit or something might work better where works are voted on by the community, though that introduces new problems as well (mainly people upvoting purely by the attractiveness of the cosplayer). If you were to do it here, I would advise having a larger group deciding what makes the cut or maybe just pulling ones from other sites that have already proved to be popular. I'm also in favor of just waiting till you have enough and doing a post whenever that is. Hopefully we as commenters should be able to police the comments ourselves so not-so-nice comments don't go by without some form of verbal reprimand (though not nessisarily in a confrontational way)

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Already spent a quality 2 1/2 hours here at LineCon, still can't see the registration desk

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I'm sure lots of people don't, and to be blunt about it, if you don't like them, you don't have to watch them. I'm not a huge fan of fan fiction, so when a fan fiction post pops up, I just ignore it. Also, I would argue that videos like these ARE actually creating something new and people find them entertaining (as shown by digi's 50k subs) so I don't see what the problem is in posting them even if they aren't your cup of tea. And as for your final point, yes, that may be a slight abuse of power, but to be fair, he has more subs than any other MLP analyst (at least to my knowledge) so his material is most likely to be enjoyed.

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Does anyone know if your manager etc. can see what charity your donation is going to or would that just go to HR? or does it vary by company? Because I work at a big chain store and I think they do donation matches but I'd be scared to go into work if everyone knew I was a brony.

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Anyone know if any of the panels from BronyCon are being streamed anywhere? I really want to see Digibrony's and Bronycurious' panel but I can't make it

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Spoilers: all of these ponies actually ARE Queen Chrysalis. She's secretly half the villains in the show.