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I recognize... 1 or 2 characters, we need a shonen anime crossover fighter, like with characters from One Piece, Dragon Ball, or Bleach.

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YES! F-ing FINALLY!!! Who else was hoping for this after those sweet anime cut-scenes in Dual Destinies? I wonder when it'll take place in the continuity, and if it'll be brand new cases, separate from the games, or just reenacting the events in order?(Where those who's played the games or watched someone play them, would know what happens.)

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Uhm... is Nowacking Canadian?

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Super powered screams? Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought of Skyrim.

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...What about the first 2 installments?

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MY GOD! Sweet Baby Jesus and Filly Celestia! This Looks AWESOME!!! Seems to resemble Limbo.

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"whipping up crap in RPG Maker like a mere commoner?"
Ouch, damn, isn't that a little harsh? We all gotta start somewhere.

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The best part of this, is that rather than us bronies getting knocked down a peg, it was the neighsayers; and that we proved that we're a lot smarter than they think. ^^

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I haven't played Age of Empires, but what I HAVE played is the Stronghold series, and I see the similarities there, Obviously there would be differences(maybe as much as Stronghold 2 to Stronghold Crusaders Extreme), But I'm looking forward to this game because of the similarities(and I guess I should try Age of Empires ^^' )

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How the hell do you load a saved game? I.E. where to i have to go to "recite" the "code" I was given when I choose to save?