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Dead Rising, no doubt. I don't care about the story or anything like that, so they can make a sequel story as cheesy as they want; I just want some more kickass zombie gameplay and some co-op this time around.

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Smackdown vs RAW 2007, countless times I've had to explain I was just playing it for the achievements. >_<

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If it was implemented in the console, I'd end up getting one. I don't care for the player itself, and I wouldn't buy it alone, but I plan to buy a new 360, Elite, this fall when the Jasper consoles start rolling out, also about the time I'll be going off to college, leaving my current console for my little brother.

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It has been stated about a dozen times that if you have downloaded the game, you can recover your account, go to your Download History, and download it again.

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That would make sense. I see no reason why it wouldn't work.

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Ah, I see what you're saying. Hmm, I don't know then, that could very well be true. We'll have to see if they address it.

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You will be able to play with your friends, as I said. You can use the "Tell a friend" option and your friend can still purchase it that way, according to Larry and Aaron. Also, downloading the trial has no impact on the data. The conversion rate is only counted towards if you download the trial and then the full game. The only way you would be skewing the data is if you purchased the full version of every game for the sake of doing so, not downloaded the trial.

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But they aren't doing it for space, because the data will still be on the server, and people can still download it if they delete it (Through download history) and new customers can still buy it if someone they know uses the "Tell a friend" function (Says Major Nelson and Aaron Greenberg on MN's podcast). The main reason they're doing it appears to be for organization, which, as DaKing240 points out, can be accomplished in much better ways. Motivation should be there for the monetary aspect, as well as future name recognition and whatnot. A threat of removal shouldn't be what's required to make good games.

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You have to beat the game at least 8 times to get the weapon achievements. Love NG and NG2, am not looking forward to these achievements though.