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Mas ainda é outono, acho que vem mais frio por aí :3
Não gosto de calor pra falar a verdade XP

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I live on the south :3
Can confirm, it's freaking cold right now. Not as much as last week thou...

> Lol, e eu falando em inglês por aparentemente razão nenhuma, huahuahua.

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I changed my account info, then I was able to download it just fine :3
Two links to help you: http://www.ghacks.net/2012/06/30/how-to-purchase-...

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I know English, Spanish and a little bit of Japanese (I started classes this year, after all).

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I made a question yesterday, but not a single soul answered :P
Anyway, I'll do a different question today.
Is any of you interested in joining a brazilian bronies WhatsApp group?
It has 33 participants at the moment. Most of us can talk in english so you should be good, even if you don't know portuguese.
I'm asking, cause it could be a great opportunity for those looking to learn or improve portuguese, and for us to improve our english.
If you're interested, just put your number below. Remember to write the number with all the area codes and stuff.

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Today I was talking to one of my kouhais, and he wanted to know if I knew other brony WhatsApp group, aside the one we are in.
I said I don't, but then I asked him if the group could be international, and he said it was ok. Then I decided to ask here.
Do you guys know of any group? Or are in a group that's looking for more participants?

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Londrina - Paraná

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Just something that I wanted to discuss for ages. Cousin relationships are that big of a deal?
I live on Brazil, and, it really doesn't seem like a problem for most people here.
Actually, when I first started to navigate through english speaking sites, it came to me as a surprise, seeing people treating cousin relationships as something alien, when it's so common here.
Really, my mom even said a few years ago that I should date my cousin.

I'm writing this here, because I've seen a few people go all "eww, incest" after today's episode.

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You know what I love about the japanese dub? Fluttershy and Kyubey having the same voice.

And of course, as you can see from my avatar (or not), I also love the fact that Milky Holmes dubs almost all of the mane six >3<

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Wow, I'd have sooo much stuff for her to read *-*
First I'd probably start with one of Sítio do Picapau Amarelo from Monteiro Lobato, this books have a mix of fantasy, adventure and didactical stuff, perfect for Twilight.
Then I'd introduce the Série Vaga-lume probably starting with the most tear inducing books of all: Éramos Seis.
The next would be something from Machado de Assis, Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas or maybe O Alienista (this one is awesome >3<)
Also, she must read Luís Fernando Veríssimo's short stories.
Then poetry from authors like, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Fernando Pessoa, Augusto dos Anjos (this one might be a little too dark...), Cruz e Souza... There are so many!!
I'm so in love with our literature, I'll stop here or else I'll end up writing a book in this post ^^'