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I already send my tithe via an automated payments thru my bank. I make the choice to worship with my tithe when I schedule it.

Where I see this being a real benefit for me is giving to unexpected love offerings or benevolence collection. I don't carry cash or checks so I often can't give at these more spontaneous offerings.

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Simply my reason is that I'll miss things.

There are thought leaders and friends that I want to read and I won't always see their latest posts via a tweet. In addition the social nature of Google Reader means I have a 100% content recommendation system that is my shorthand to what is important and relevant to me.

The points you make above are excellent and in my mind they form the perfect argument to why Twitter compliments RSS reading perfectly.

RSS reading can feel like a chore but I had my "Eureka" moment when I realized that I didn't need to subscribe to 2000+ blogs to keep up because through my online communities I'll probably see it if it's important. I wrote about this change in my approach in my own "RSS is dead, Long live RSS" post.

I enjoyed your article and I think between our 2 posts people will be able to find the system that works for them and their goals.

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I agree that LBS is too broad. I think your terms of Social Location Sharing & Marketing are much more descriptive but they are difficult to abbreviate in Tweets and blog posts. What about the terms GeoSocial & GeoSocial Marketing?

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As for what's next?... My money is on the public release of Google Wave

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I would add the following: for Follower management.
A Hashtag definition service like
A live stream service like monitter or tweetabs

I really enjoy your blog and consider it a must read for an Twitter user that is serious about usage and updates. Thanks

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I love you too darling. This is such a sweet post.

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That's hilarious. I'd totally forgotten about that.

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Here is my super secret lemonade recipe. 3-1-1

3 cups of water
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of lemon juice

cut up 2 lemons and throw them in

it's the best lemonade ever

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This is truly one of my favorite memories and I just love the picture. I love you darling.

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I have my moments. ;)