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Uh oh! The layering on Twilight's eyes for that towel!

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I gave into the temptation
And WOW that was AWESOME
Couldn't get the grin off of my face the entire way through. Can't wait for the end of the month!

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I will continue to believe that these are just fan works and people trying to cause a blip in the fandom. I don't imagine it'd be as difficult as it sounds to contact a newspaper or a kids magazine and pretend to have gotten these images from a certain source.
The fact that the designs are so poorly done makes me believe this is not real. I'd rather not re-post what I commented last time, mostly because this comment will be found on page ten, and very few read anything past the first page on old news.

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Fantastic work here!! I would love to see more and will definitely consider buying something like this.
So far, the only "toys" i have are those tiny figurines that are fairly nice in their show accuracy (though why the toy department insists on giving Rainbow Dash Fluttershy's eyes on all their products is beyond me) and easy on the wallet. The other products aren't exactly something I'm interested in. But this... considering the quality of the look and the price... might just be worth it.

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The only word that sums up my emotions right now is

I'm equal parts scared, excited and just overwhelmed.

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I cannot wait to see how this unfolds!! Unfortunately I don't get home until way after it airs.... so I'll be in a rush to get back from work!
Also, did I detect hints of "Art of the Dress" when Applejack's portion of the song was introduced?

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There's no way that this can be real
I refuse to believe this for numerous reasons... the main one being that the designs are terrible. Okay, maybe not /terrible/ but they don't seem very appealing. I'm sure for... certain issues that could arise... that the skin colour is the same as their fur colour. I'm okay with that, I guess. But the faces... they're just... rubbish.
The outfits and poses seem like they were pulled off of a doll maker. There's absolutely no variety in their designs if you narrow it down. Skirts that fall a few inches above the knee, tall boots/shoes/socks that are pulled to about the knee and tees.
Not to mention... how are they going to cover the voices? Are the voice actors and actresses going to accept this? I'm sure that some of them might disagree with this series.

tldr; It doesn't seem very professional in design, and I will continue to think that it's fake until further proof comes up

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The song isn't spectacular, but I enjoyed it.
That chorus of "PINKIE!" made me laugh though!

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I don't like Game Grumps, but this video was very well put together!

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I really enjoyed this episode. The fact that it goes hand in hand with "Just for Sidekicks" is just the topping on the cake.
So many funny moments, even though the overall plot was quite predictable.