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I laughed so much this episode. It was pure awesome!

*standing applause alone in my room*

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Well, I reserved Woona guild name if you want that... you will have to bribe me with cookies... or a shiny new desk...

okay ill take a thank you from Phoe and fan boy my way into max level for the phat lewtz.

Other than that, if you start a guild, I am so down for it. Just think... Pony WARPLOTS! get it... wink, wink. nudge, nudge. Say no more! Say no more!

I am a dedicated support player, and ive done Stalker tanking, its okay, but I think I will greatly enjoy healing more. And yes, I be playing Aurin cause they are just too cute and fluffy!

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if we bring Flutterbat back, I demand she be an ICP fan.

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that's a tad harsh, and in the end art being subjective to the perspective of the consumer is more the point here.

Not sure what or where your argument of names comes from, because its not true in most cases. visual media is still visual media, no matter how you want to rebel or change what current trend is happening. We humans have to attach a label, a.k.a. a name, to things in order to delineate it. If you want to use something to make a painting, but don't want to call it a painting, then don't paint. Using a medium upon a surface not of the same medium is painting, save for in ceramics, they call it glazing, but then again, there is usually some amount of ceramic in the glaze.

How is this naming reducing your ability to create? If you are flank hurt about an art teacher telling you what style or medium to use, thats cause you need to learn basics before you do whatever you want. Watch Karate Kid, its a good lesson to learn, do as your teacher asks, its usually to teach you what you want in a way you just cant comprehend.

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so let me get this right...

if it doesn't fit your idea of what the art form should be, it isn't allowed to be apart of that art form at all? So metal work shouldn't be sculpture work cause the olden days only stone and clay were used? So digital images aren't artworks cause originally only paints and charcoal were used to make paintings?

if you don't like dubstep, that's a fair and rather good opinion. However, saying that it isn't the form of art that it meets all the criteria for, is rather mean and uncouth. Also, your analogy is flawed, and is too far removed from the topic at hand to be relevant. You should try something like other art forms, or genres of music to solidify your opinion, not the ephemeral "best pony" nonsense that is, at its core, based solely on each individuals opinion and not any socially recognized set of factual points that can be empirically proven.

TL:DR art is art, and you better have a few degrees before you say publicly something doesn't belong to an art form.

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This is why Flitter is my waifu...

so much cute!

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Dang muffins... who taught them how to fly!

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I promise I shall finish this soon. My life just stopped super sucking so I will have the willpower to finish this up.

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Humanity leaves much to be desired...

so when you doubt humanity, you are simply being human

your a science pony, you should be able to find the many studies done to prove this fact...but...this might also fall under philosophy and therefore NOT in your perview...


I have this book, its about the teachings of the Compassionate Buddha...early teachings - basic doctorine - part 6 "Universal Love and Good Will"

if you ever get the time, check that section out. Humans been doin it wrong forever, yet there is always a group sayin how todo it right. Its the bronies turn this century

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Well then...

the mighty horn must be recharged to put more Ursa Minors to sleep