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The rat Sheriff is also probably all for giving guns to Mexican drug cartels and taking them away from law abiding citizens.....liberalism once again proves to be a mental disorder, the only way to explain it. i wouldn't be surprised if he starts arming the Mexican drug gangs in his city. (hmm, maybe he already has...)

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Hey ATF, when you going to arrest Eric Holder or even Obama himself and charge them with the murder of hundreds of Mexicans and two of your fellow federal agents, (and possibly thousands of deaths before its all over???). The ATF, just Another agency that should be abolished along with the Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, Department of Agriculture, Dept of Housing, etc, etc....

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The only thing that is going to save this country and revive our economy is to get diesel prices down by drilling our own oil. If you can control the trucks by regulation and fuel prices, you can control the American people and force them to come crawling to you with their hands out. That is Obama's goal, to get everyone to crawl to him begging for handouts.

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Poor little Barry. Seems he would do so much better if there wasn't a freedom of speech, religion, and the right to keep and bear arms. That darn constitution makes it so difficult, even with a complicit media, for a dictator to take over.

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Rachel needs to try reporting the real news. Obama giving thousands of fully automatic AK 47's to Mexican drug cartels would be a good start....tell how Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by one of these "Obama Guns", as they are called in Mexico.

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How about some air time on Mexican radio stations. Most the Mexicans that I work with don't have any knowledge whatsoever of Operation Fast and Furious, when I tell them about it they are totally upset with what Obama did and the thousands of deaths Fast and Furious will lead to.

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What ever candidate starts speaking only directly to and about Obama will win the GOP nomination. If I were a candidate I would talk daily about Operation Fast and Furious, wreckless deficit spending, reducing regulations that hurt businesses, (like the California Air Rescources Board) our constitution, AND DRILLING OUR OWN OIL!!!

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It's shocking, comical, bizarre, seeing Mao Tse Tung sitting next to Obama while he speaks....what the heck is Hillary Clinton doing dressed like Mao? Unbelievable. To worship a man who killed an estimated 50 million of his own people is sick. Says alot about Barry Soetoro.

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Its scary how so many have given up their privacy on all these social media websites. Facebook, my space, all the apps and stuff that track you and monitor everything about you. Can you imagine if Hitler had a program that could track all your "likes" and "friends". The round up would have been so much more efficient. An administration that has given thousands of fully automatic weapons to drug cartels wouldn't hesitate to use facebook for evil purposes.

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CAPTION THAT PHOTO: "Listen hear Mr. Soetoro, you aren't going to destroy our consitution without a good fight". "oh, and what do you have to say to the family of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry"?