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I have a question and it’s in no way meant to be demeaning. I have read many times that you write this column for free and can appreciate the time taken to consistently put out material. Has there been offers to write a column for compensation?

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I recently watched the Rodman vs Macho Man “match” from Road Wild 1999 and I found it entertaining and not as bad as I have read. I will admit that I am a Bulls/Rodman fan and Macho was my favorite wrestler so I’m probably biased.

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Ciampa is the best heel in WWE right now imo. I didn’t follow him much before the Gargano feud but the guy is really believable as a brutal SOB.

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This event happened a little more than 2 months ago and she has already been sentenced? The authorities can force a drug test based on someone acting erratically in their own home and use the results to impose an 18 month sentence? Japan doesn’t mess around with their drug laws. I would think there has to be more to this story. I know it didn’t work in this instance, but I wonder if the hardline on drugs has been an effective deterrent in Japan?

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Only her second match and first one on one?! I am looking forward to this matchup, but definitely feels rushed. Maybe they have her win by DQ or some screwy finish to have her chase a little longer.

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It took that girl her a few seconds to realize she was holding the Championship Belt. Great moment for that young lady. Can’t think of any reasons not to like AJ Styles.

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The event wasn’t great but I did enjoy it for the most part. I watched it in pieces over the weekend. I might be in the minority, but I love seeing the Undertaker in any capacity and I thought he looked decent in this match with the exception of that moment when he was throwing punches in the corner and seemed to loose his balance. I watched it back and they used a weird camera cut during the exchange. Nakamura as a heel feels like a better fit and I have some confidence his character will become more interesting. Brock never really hit the ground in any capacity because his entire body was laying on the cage after the spear. I missed Raw so I don’t know if they played up that angle.

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I don’t fault Jeff for his deficiencies in math. A lot of people struggle with that subject.

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I watched the first video and that was enough. This man appears to be deeply disturbed and dangerous. I don’t want to contribute by giving his videos views. Unfortunately, I see a tragic ending to this situation.

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1. Roddy Piper
2. Ultimate Warrior
3. Hart Foundation
4. Gorilla Monsoon
5. Chyna
6. Jake the Snake Roberts
1. Ultimate Warrior vs. Macho King Randy Savage
2. Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair Trilogy

Piper is a no brainer IMO but was a bit torn between Edge and Warrior. Went with overall impact in a shorter time with Warrior over the sustained excellence of Edge.