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I am curious, just where are the washer and dryers? or even the hook ups? I have never seen a dream home without them and having a house where you have to go to a laundromat is not a dream. Do y'all expect whomever wins this home to just get all their stuff dry cleaned or to just live out of the suit cases?

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Although this may or may not be common knowledge on mainland USA about the "Conch Republic," Key West is a haven to a large gay and artsy farsty community who of course would be completely in the tank for Obama. Their politics are so far left it makes Castro's Cuba look downright conservative. I would take this so-called reporters remarks as the typical rantings of a Gay marxist luddite. Do any of you really take the reporting from the mainstream media and its flunkies as genuine journalism or a free press; a true fourth estate? Not since Clinton was elected has the mainstream media been a dependable source for news or a check on the excesses of a truly rouge government that is now in power.

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Yea quarenteen the pig flu but let the froot loops with aids run free to infect every one they have physical contact with. We can see who has more rights and pull with the communist power elite in Washington.

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Was watching Glenn the other day and when he showed was going over the connections between liberal activist groups and their connections it reminded me of The RICO act. Why cannot all the groups be charged under this act as a criminal conspiracy? If I understand the law right that if any part of the combined orginizations is corrupt or committing illeagle acts all parties can be charged with criminal acts and as accessories. They are sharing and transferring funds between the groups and can be construed as doing money laundering which is a criminal act also, and with Acorn clearly being a criminal enterprise and having so many links to all groups involved no one seems to be unscathed by criminality and using RICO this all could be smashed. Remember Rico was used by the government to take peoples property without following the taking rules of the constitution. Dems put this in play in 70's to stop the mafia and drug dealers funny thing is the Dems are acting just like the mafia and drug dealers.

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Just a passing observation,
1.The media of all stripes does not want their Messia to have any flaws or possible causes for him not to be in office.
2. Obama's people are now in position to have access to all goverment databasis and can give a jar of jelly beans US citizenship whith proper documentation going back as far as the start of data basis.
3. What I just mentioned in the line before, government agencies do all the time, anyone here know about the US marshall's service witness protection program or CIA's new identity section just to mention 2?
4. Obama's citizenship in Malaysia, Just when did he give up that citizenship and go through the US citizenship program to regain his US citizenship. Under Malaysian law then you had to give up any other citizenship to receive Malaysian citizenship. Just because mommy bailed on the guy does not give you your citizenship back no mater how bad the lefties want it to be so.

Finally this is not a moot point as all those who wish it to be. The American people need to be able to have confidence that the man who has his finger on the trigger and is trying to lead this country has the legal right to do so as an natural born citizen with all documention in order with all questions as to the validity of his claimed citizenship resolved. I am not being hard headed or goofy but as I read the constitution a Malaysian Citizen is not allowed to be President but since when does the law mean a spit to the Republicrats. Until this matter is properly settled with a full expose like what was done to Palin and everyone else that runs against the North East Harvard, Yale fratboy club (BOTH PARTIES) It is still in the minds of many a solid proper question that must be answered it could mean the difference of life and death for this nation.

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Well looks like my mass insanity theory is becoming more viable.

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Do not waste your time on McCaskill, I tried writing her to tell her that a factory in her district was being moved to Mexico. (the one my wife as of the second of this month no longer works at) All I got was form e-mail replies about the need to save Union jobs at the car factories and the BHO line of BS about everything but the over 480 people that wiped this little town out. what did this little town get also? The loss of the ford dealer, the GM and full line Dodge dealer also. all that is left is Walmart a couple of fast food restraunts and about a dozen mom and pop buisnesses and the loss of a lot of homes of the people that used to have a job and it looks like me and my wife also. So good luck with that Mcaskill tripe.

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This I already know, If you take the time to read my earlier post about the F-35 I pointed all that out and the comparison to the McNamara program. I still want to know if parts for this bird that has yet to even go into any kind pf production is being built in McCain's state or the BHO supporters states.

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I wonder how much of the 79 billion went to ACORN and Al "The wooden Indian" Gore's coffers

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F-35 Fighter Two Years Behind Schedule: Pentagon Panel

Yea leave us with out proper fighter aircraft until 2014 or 2020 of course if the project does not fall further behind and end up costing twice as much as the F-22, sounding more like like McNamara's all military fighter/bomber program all over again. I wonder who's district or state this puppy is being built in and how much kick back the polititions are receiving? No change here just the same old pork barrel/ kick back politics.