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Despite feeling a bit of whiplash from the pacing of events, I rather liked this episode. I guess I'd been secretly wanting DT to fin redemption ever since she was introduced, but never really expected it due to her being a bully; tmk, they usually don't see redemption especially in children's programming. I just wish this had a bit more lead up. Some subtle hints in prior seasons that there were family tensions o a bit of regret at a few of her actions, kinda like the few slips of kindness Helga would show Arnold in Hey Arnold. Just to make it seem like it didn't get thought up until this season.

However, the Cutie Marks reveal was SWEET, and definitely had proper buildup! I'd jokingly theorized that they'd end up being actual Cutie Mark Knights after helping Clutterstep, yet here we are!

Calling it now, those three are gonna be instrumental to this season finale.

Also, Apple Parents confirmed again as dead.

*awkward crying laugh*

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This fandom is sooo into cross-dressing. xD

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Guess I'll be "That Cynic."

So I'm supposed to be touched by the fact that Twilight, after her mentor took the time to create that wonderful memorial of her friends and colleagues, basically threw a magical fit and used some form of necromancy to reanimate her friends or created some sort of group of clones using the stone statues as a base? I can't say I'm much of a fan of this. Ignoring the fact that in the show's canon, this won't even be a thing (Twilight outliving her friends), I do not like the thought of Twilight being so incapable of moving on, or even so incapable of making new friends after being the freaking Princess of Friendship, that she would rather dapple in that sort of magic and bring back her friends from the freaking dead rather than taking the higher road of moving on.

And before someone calls me a heartless bastard, I'll ask a quick question. If you knew that someone on this Earth had the power to bring back her friends not only from the dead but also back in the very prime of their lives, do you not think that virtually every human being who wasn't a Christian 'cause we're so uptight would flock to her as if she were the Great Messiah? I'd think it almost a moral obligation to share that power with the world - why should she be the only one to have immortal friends?

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God DAMN IT! Why must I be poor?! Sitting on the first issue still and yet HERE WE ARE!

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With Vinyl and Octavia being sorta-maybe-kinda confirmed as siblings (at least per Josh "Scorcher" Burner's interpretation), I'll never be able to see intimate moments between the two now without shuddering...


Yeah, I've got nothin' to deflect my thoughts. I'll be wrapping up in a jacket in the naughty corner.

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Rainbow Dash's nightmare takes the cake easily. It's a parody of the Barney theme song sung by creepy flowers that are literally evil in their cuteness. You just can't beat that!

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It's that and the events from a millennium ago.

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Aww man, screw love letters to the fandom! THIS should have been the 100th episode!

Not only do we get some really great dream sequences (and the double-feature of awesome that is the return of Knight Spike and Prince(ss) Big Mac, but we also get some heartbreaking character development for Princess Luna! I GOD, she created a terrible dream apparition to haunt her every single night just to keep her in check and punish herself! It's like BDSM, except sans-pleasure and it has a point! A terribly tragic point!

This episode...just...goddamn! An easy 9/10 for me!

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You know what I'd pay money for? A story where two lesbians constantly hit on a straight girl.

It'd be humorous to see Tumblr explode at how someone would DARE to make a fictional character of their orientation look so bad. xD

*Puts on "I don't give a fuck" shades*

Also, I have a bone to pick with that cover page. Firstly, i'd think the nature of EqP!Twilight's (EqP= Equestria Proper) hand would be a bit more relaxed, with the slightest curve in the fingers. If I understand romantic bodily gestures correctly, one in the midst of a romantic/sensual action will usually be more relaxed the hands have a softer touch than this. Secondly, the hand's placement. Now I don't think she should be groping Sunset's breast or anything, but I'd think the hand would be more to the lower-half of the collarbone rather than threatening to wrap around Sunset's neck...

Or is that subtle illustration to the nature of Sunset/EqP!Twilight's relationship?