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Just received my 9th payment from ClixSense!

JOIN the site here:

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Just because someone signs up under you doesn't mean you get $25. You can earn UP to $25 and you earn when they cash out.

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I just joined and tried to request a payout just to see what the minimum cashout is - it said $7 not $8. Hmmm.

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Sad to see how owners can't manage sites and how they have to sell their sites to untrustworthy owners that scam innocent members...

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No, it isn't.

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@PTCI: Could you add my review page to your "proofs from other sites" section? Thanks.

To everyone who is looking at the "up to $0.10 per click" and turning away (and I have seen a lot of people do that) THIS SITE IS NOT A SCAM! It's run by a legit company that you can put your trust, confidence, and clicks into! I check this site more than 5 times every day and it's worth it- I earn around $0.10 or more every day!

Join this excellent site now if you haven't already been part of the PTCBox club!

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@solarflare7: My best guess is that you are using ioeBux. Well that site is a scam. Just google it and you will find dozens of people reporting this site as a big scam. $0.02 per click for 10,000 people? Self-sponsored ads worth over $0.15 every day? And it's a new BuxHost as well? Sorry to say this, but I give ioeBux a 99% chance of being a scam.

If you're NOT using ioeBux, then ignore this comment.

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Amazing smiley!

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This site is a great new innovation for the earning online world. I earn approximately $1 for every 15-20 minutes I spend.

I've been trying to incorporate this site more into my daily schedule as it really is (literally!) 100x more earnings than NeoBux.


In 20 minutes, I caught 1 standard and 4 micro ads on NeoBux. $0.014
In 20 minutes, I earned $1 by listening to music.

AND... If you have referrals, then the earning potential is exponential! Imagine inviting just 5 people to this website and each of them earning $1 once a week. In 1 month you'd have $2 for doing absolutely nothing! Add just a couple more referrals and imagine if they went on SliceThePie just a little bit more frequently and you could be earning tens of dollars a month for doing NOTHING!

I urge you to join this amazing website now! If you're looking for an easy and fun way to earn money online... you've finally found it!

(no, I'm not trying to sound like those stupid ClickBank ads as those are all scams and this is a legit company we're dealing with)


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SweBux_Staff, I am with PTC Investigations on this one.

"I have caught many scammers commenting on behalf of their own sites."

This is true! Check out the Bux4Real page for example where Tony Rocha was commenting his butt off about how great his method was! He/she really is the James Bond of the PTC industry!

"You will just be another bux site barely surviving and with a group of loyal followers that will put up with your site for the sake of a few dollars in months time."

Also very true. This happens with 100% of bux sites that are unsustainable. If you have Swedish advertisers that's great but since most PTC members are not from Sweden it's not really going to help pay your international members.

And no making fun of PTCI as being "entertaining." For some reason, I don't find this discussion funny at all.