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Oh thank God somebody else hates it. My friends at university made me read it. They were all classics students so they really saw themselves in the characters and just. Guys. No.

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So basically, 2005 Mr Collins is Wesley Snipes from 30 Rock?

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This year my mum died, my boyfriend's grandad died and he's probably being laid off from his job on Friday right when we were planning moving in. Oh and my dad refuses to go to his brother's for Christmas, meaning that I have to provide Christmas for him.

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Honestly? When the people who lived upstairs of my old work did that we just called the police. Apparently the couple were really embarrassed. The police came back down and told us they'd rather be called out for nothing than miss something.

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And then there's M*A*S*H, which just forgets the cheerful

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I have heard that the American symbol for medicine with the stick and the snakes is a demonstration of removal of Guinea Worm. When I was at school I made friends with a new student who had just arrived from Ghana and was infected with a Guinea Worm so I got to hear aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the details.

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Last month I tried a mooncup for the first time and filled it to overflowing in five hours. Then I was just like... oh, I guess this is why I'm anaemic. Yay for not having some kind of internal bleeding.

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Actually they made an English version of That Seventies show a few years ago. I only ever saw one episode of the American one and it had the exact same script as one of the English ones.

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“too great a call on masculine strength.”