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Just a heads up for anyone interested, that video of Pinkie touring Japan is ours, we've got the pictures up on our blog here:

We've also taken her to several other countries, so feel free to check it out and see where else she's been so far!

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It's been a while since I watched and I suppose I haven't finished the whole series, but if we're going from the original Mobile Suit Gundam (AKA Gundam 0079) there isn't really gore, though there is a fair bit of death (it's being dramatic about sci-fi wartime type stuff, so I seem to remember there being several bodies on screen at one point, but there was no blood or anything). Being a giant mech anime you can also expect to see explosions, including mechs exploding with their pilots in them, but again I don't remember any blood. As for foul language I don't remember there being any, really. The first episode gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect from the action scenes, so watch that and see how you feel about it.

I can't speak for the other Gundam series like Wing, Seed, etc. as I haven't seen them, but you should be fine to check out the original.

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Hooray, our photos made it into the first batch! (We're numbers 58, 59, 60, 62, and 63). It's always cool to see where everyone went for their pics, neat stuff.

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You should check out the original show, it's pretty neat (and iconic, of course). Glad you liked our photo!

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I know I wouldn't get the cool box and figure, but it would be nice to see these on Kindle too. I already have a lot of books so I'm trying to save space by getting more things digitally.

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See I'm horribly biased since I run a Pinkie Pie travel photo blog with my boyfriend where we took the brushable Pinkie Pie and took pictures of it all over the world (, but Pinkie, totally.

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I'd like to see a tie-in comic that gives background to the characters in the game. Get Faust to either write it or at least provide insight and ideas to whoever does the writing, it'd be nice to get a really good feel for the new guys.

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Wasn't there a rumour at some point about Discord getting a song in season 4? Because I'd love to see that. Failing that I have to say Zecora would be pretty great.

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I'm almost expecting a Doctor Whooves thing, what with the BBC letting them do more Tardis-looking merchandise and mentioning the character recently. I'd also expect a Lyra/Bon Bon or Octavia/Vinyl Scratch. Considering she only mentions it being one character and not a pairing, though, I'm leaning towards either the Doctor or Octavia.

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I do think they could have her not wanting to take advantage of "Spikey Wikey", but then he does big cute baby eyes to insist on it. It would be kind of a reversal of the "romantic eyes" Rarity did on him before. I find it a bit strange that the writers seem to insist that Rarity would love an assistant when she's so particular about her work space being perfect, if anything I'd think she wouldn't want one since he'd have to learn her routine and would probably get in the way. I'm sure they had their reasons, though.