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I dunno, I think femtagonist sounds sexy.
I think Shawn should just put "Femtagonist" in giant block text at the top of the site for no reason.

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I'm pretty sure any TF2 movie can find some place to fit the Incredible's theme song in somewhere.

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I'm pretty sure the arrow to the knee thing went from funny the forced in 15 seconds flat, and then got marketed to hell by every indie t-shirt store on the internet.

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You guys are making some okay puns, but don't get cocky.

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I'll just say it right now.

Everybody here is going to watch the movie, it doesn't matter if you hate it or love it or your jimmies are rustled you're going to see the movie because it has actual video game references in it, this is like a giant fucking leap for video games to actually be directly referenced to instead of all of them being like two-bit knock of versions of the real thing.

That's bowser right there, the real bowser spitting fireballs at your face in 3D, and you don't even care if it's in 3D because that's Nintendo on the big screen.

You're body was never ready.

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Lemme make this reel quick, nobody is proud of themshellves for makoing these fish puns. So I just wanna lay a line down and say we should all keel it with the puns from now on.

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What sort of sick man sends babies to comment on Heavy's video?

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Further dishonor comes to the Kappa Demon as Great Brown Ape rains lighting down from the sky to make him tiny unworthy foe.

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There should also be a Epona trampling their food and the winds going in eight different directions, and the dominion rod should be stomping them.