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Recyclable is good, but so is compostable. Most plain, uncoated paper is compostable; cellphane (remember that?) is too.

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If it's about 7 - 8" long, starling.

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I'm not seeing a movement to repeal the 2nd amendment (and that's a good thing, because it would not be ratified) but rather a movement to install many firearm restrictions that are in fact supported by most Americans and often a majority of gun owners, but have previously been stymied by the NRA.

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And of course, there are alternatives to flying if fear of same is the reason for the emotional support animal's presence. Amtrak, Greyhound, driving. On any long Amtrak trip there is someone (maybe several) who can't fly because of fear.

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So, even if emotional support animals do make it easier for (some unknown percentage) of users to fly, that would not necessarily mean that we should continue to allow them on planes. As you point out, the value of emotional support animals is not proven, and the downsides are many. In addition, there are other ways to decrease stress on airplanes, ways that are not as disruptive. Starting with that old stand-by, alcohol, we can progress to Benadryl, yoga breathing, crossword puzzles, listening to music, and nonstop eating. As a tall person with claustrophobia, I can attest that all of these work.

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So here's what I don't get: why haven't Southerners who want statues of great (people) figured out that World War I or II heroes would be a better choice? or Texas oil explorers, or Florida real estate developers or Kentucky horse breeders, or (fill in the blank). I know the confederate generals often date from the 1920's, but haven't there been any attempts to dilute the confederate statuary presence since then?

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It's called the Jane Byrne Interchange. But a similar one several miles West on the same highway is called the "Hillside Strangler."

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A few (very few) neighborhoods are indeed being invaded by out of control frat parties due to short-term rentals. There must be a way to handle this that is short of banning them.

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Oh man. Clergy and lay leaders of most denominations do not want to be allowed to bring partisan politics into the pulpit. If they are allowed, there will be factions within the congregation that want them to endorse from the pulpit, and other factions that will agitate against either the actual position taken, or the mere fact that any position was taken. This will, of course, cause massive conflict within the congregation. Evangelical clergy may not have this issue to deal with as much, since members join that kind of church not so much because of theology or tradition but because they feel comfortable with the liturgy and the culture. Also, as you note they don't have supervising bodies to tell clergy what not to do.

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The Economist, Ramesh Ponnaru, Megan McArdle, Glen Loury (not very conservative, but unhappy with many liberal points of view), Andrews Sullivan (likewise).