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Thanks muatac, dhlizard & JayK for your input; I finally was able to resolve the issue.
Apple is still signing restores and downgrades to ATV firmware 5.0.2 thus I was able to downgrade, JB and install all the goodies on that baby again!

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Thanks for the suggestion but this ATV2 has been updated to iOS 6.0 so no dice with Seas0nPass... reason why I had to use redsn0w!

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Before going insane, I am going to turn to the community hoping for light shed on my "failure"!

I have been trying to JB an Apple TV 2 that got restored by a friend of mine.

I tried with redsn0w 0.9.15b1, 2 and 3; I switch from a Mac to a PC, from Windows XP sp3 to Windows 7, to no avail.

When I checked the "install bundle" (the SSH2_bundle_tgz for Apple TV2), I get an error message from redsn0w, as follows: "Assertion failure, allocate (233), sorry redsn0w must exit now", across all the machines and operating systems.

When I skip the bundle and just run a "blank" JB, it goes through without error and (supposedly) does the job. But then I cannot get a WiFi connection (no network detected) and when I plug in an ethernet cord, the TV screen turns black (even though nitoTV installer detects the Apple TV and states that it is NOT jailbroken!!!).

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Run in it Compatibility Mode with Windows XP sp3 and as an administrator, by doing a right click on redsn0w.exe, scroll down to "Properties", click on it and go to the "Compatibility" tab.

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Your fellow traveler has a "jewel" of an iPhone (old bootrom = always jailbreakable!!).
Redsn0w doesn't update/upgrade your firmware.
What you could do is
- do a clean restore/upgrade via iTunes to 5.1.1.
- flash iPad baseband to the phone.
- use the latest release of redsn0w to downgrade to baseband 5.13.04.
- JB and unlock w/ultrasn0w
- enjoy the phone.

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After doing a clean restore to stock firmware, how did you activate the phone?
Does the problem come up after JB or before?
When carrier say that it's unlocked, does it mean IMEI unlock or that it's not blocked (-->reported lost or stolen)?

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Could you elaborate a little bit more?
More details about the actions you have taken so far? What kind of computer you are using? Which OS? Which version of Redsn0w?

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The subsidy unlock provided by Verizon will definitely work abroad, from my experience. As for the local networks, I think that the Gevey sim (to second Slava and Raja) will be of help.

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Hi soundbvoi,
If it's a erroneous carrier .plist, follow frank's advice. Restore to an unmodified iOS.
Also, have you checked to make sure phone's IMEI is not carrier blocked?

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Reinstall MobileSubstrate (in Cydia) and ultrasn0w.