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Tonight's Ultimate Deletion match is pretty much make-or-break for Woken Matt Hardy so I REALLY hope the match doesn't suck tonight.

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I've never thought highly of Mark Henry as in ring performer, but nobody can deny his dedication to WWE for over 20 years. He's always highly praised as a person by other wrestlers and uses his position to do lot for communities and charities. He does deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame and hopefully he can stay backstage and continue to inspire fellow wrestlers.

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"Another Increase for Impact Wrestling Viewership"

A bit misleading seeing as TNA hasn't been consistently beating their previous ratings in the past few weeks, but they've been pulling good numbers for them in recent weeks and I hope it keeps going.

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With the fact that most (if not all) the members of the 60,000-70,000 crowd will be men, a card that will likely not feature one women's match and a there being 50 Men Royal Rumble Match, I wouldn't be too surprised if the official theme song for the event is the theme song of TV show Two and a Half Men.

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Excellent news. There was just NO WAY WWE could have this event and NOT broadcast it.

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So that means (unless they change SummerSlam's location next year or the SummerSlam weekend format) there'll possibly be two NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn events in 2019.

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Geez can't Reby just keep her thoughts to herself? I understand she's annoyed at Jeff, but if she can't keep her s*** together on social media then eventually WWE will stop using her.

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Technically it's not the "first-ever WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal" but who would want to remember the "Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal" from WrestleMania 25?

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That's not necessarily a bad time either. I remember when NFL was in the UK at UK time, they advertised it as "Wake up to Wembley."

There's a ring to "Wake up to WrestleMania."

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You're talking about an event that happened 25 years ago.

WWE cares more about their network more than PPV and have proven with NXT Takeover: London, UK Tournament and Beast in the East is that they can do live shows overseas. Basically there's no reasons in terms of broadcasting as to why they can't hold WrestleMania in the UK.