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"What if you brought your kids to the event?" I'd question that parenting, always do your research before taking your kids to events.

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His All In entrance was excellent

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Comic Cons and signings are pretty much Punk's life now unless he signs for another fighting promotion or returns to wrestling.

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Reminds me of 2K15 when if you completed all the DLC Showcases, you could have 2013 Usos vs 2014 Usos and Orton vs Legend Killer Orton vs April-August 2011 Orton vs September 2011 Orton.

Also can't forget 2011 Alberto Del Rio vs 2011 Alberto Del Rio, what a great game...

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I'm an idiot, when I read the title of this article, I thought it meant 60 new superstars to the WWE 2K franchise, not just new names for the 2k19 roster. My bad.

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Very good point. Most international talents in Japan either have their family in Japan, are in a relationship but don't have kids, or just aren't in a relationship. Out of the guys I mentioned, Naito and Okada are Japanese and Omega and ZSJ CAN wrestle in Japan for long periods of time as they want because they're not supporting a family. Cody brings his wife with him.

Japan just might not be a practical option for Bryan and his family.

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I'l be honest, I'm happy and selfishly sad about this. Selfishly sad as it would've been great to see him potentially wrestle the likes of Omega, Okada, Naito and Zack Sabre Jr.

But happy because NOW Bryan gets the chance to end his WWE wrestling career in a more positive way than a career ending injury. His comeback is similar to when HBK returned from a career ending injury back in 2002. I'm hoping that Bryan gets another run with the WWE title.

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The fans at WWE events would start chanting 'DANIEL BRYAN' at random intervals.

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I'm not annoyed that Ziggler and McIntyre won the titles. I'm annoyed that this was clearly a 'change of plans' that prematurely ended B-Team's title reign (ending the best run of Bo Dallas' main roster and Axel's best run since 2013) and probably took away a Revival title run.

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They have Revival beat B-Team a few times and have then cut a promo with the titles saying how they were fed up with them treating the titles as a joke, just for Ziggler and McIntyre to win the titles next week instead.

WWE's inconsistent booking strikes again!