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Andrew, I know you are an atheist, but GOD BLESS YOU! You are doing good and important work. I pray for your physical safety daily. Thank you for who you are and what you are doing.

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In normal debate where both parties respect one another, civil discussion can lead to productive results. However, when one side holds the other in utter contempt so as to spew lies and false accusations at the other, a different approach is required. Well-meaning conservatives like Klinghoffer believe that the left has respect for thoughtful members of the right who are capable of expressing themselves in a civil manner. I hate to break it ... but the left views members of the right as utter evil, regardless of whether the intellectual conservative expresses himself with thoughtful eloquence. Attempts at civil discourse will get you published in the LA TImes, but will yield zero productive results. Desperate times call for bold measures. AB and the BIG sites are a step in the right direction. Please move out of the way Mr. Klinghoffer.