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That would be pretty fun. It would be hard to cope with the lack of gravity, but maybe artificial gravity is on it's way! Who knows?

New metal genre eh? Intergalactic space death metal!

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Thanks for the info. I'll be sure to check it out! Trying to get viewers to my blog right now. It's a lot harder than I thought, but I never thought it was going to happen overnight!

Thanks Again,

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No problem, I'm here to help. Disney is a great place, it's more for the kids, but if you get a chance, get yourself to Universal Studios sometime. Preferably when your kids are older, but they have a lot of movie rides that are fun for the kids (men in black)

Want me to give you my recommendations for the must see Disney attractions?

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What exactly is DP?

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Well, one of the first things you will want to do is make sure you pick a ride at the beginning of the day and go get a fastpass for it. A fastpass give you a time to come back to ride the ride, but for the most part you can come back anytime after the window given and they will accept it. Also, make sure to get new fastpasses when your current ones expire. That's the best way to get on the good rides fast. Other than that, just wait in line for a few and get to the parks as early as possible. If you are staying at one of the on property resorts, you can use your own room key to stay at a select park after it closes for about an hour to three hours, depending on the schedule they have set up. Check with a concierge to find out the times and dates for each park. It's definitely worth it. Also, the best time to go on rides is when it rains. Everyone wants to shop or stay dry when it starts to rain, so most rides don't have a line that's out the door, which is nice.

For the most part, just enjoy being at Disney World. It's a great place!

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I absolutely love this guy. Every time he speaks it's just gold. I think he's too convicted and wrapped up in this whole religion thing. I think he misses the point that religion should give a man morals, and it seems he misses some himself! :P

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You guys are doing a great job. Your comment structure is perfect for my blog! Keep it up and thanks!