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I saw a trailer for the show online, and I liked the design and color palette right off the bat. These new ponies were a far cry from the fat little dumplings of previous generations. Plus Lauren Faust. How could I resist?

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It's not unusual for animators to get laid off after a production is finished (happens all the time at Disney and Dreamworks), but it's still a bummer that it happens. :(

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Here's my We Love Fine T-Shirt design in commemoration of that glorious Twilight/Tirek battle - "The Sorcerer's A Princess":

Please vote on it if you'd like to wear it as a T-shirt. :)

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Cool stuff! Here's my contest design - "The Sorcerer's A Princess":

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Forget about whether or not Derpy's stupid, because of course she isn't..The clip featured DERPY'S ORIGINAL VOICE!!!!!!

Original Derpy voice is best voice. :)

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Nah. That's not true. Read "Walt Disney: An American Original" by the late Bob Thomas. It's the most reputable of all the Disney biographies. Thomas did a lot of biographies of famous people, and some of those biographies weren't kind - but they were honest; Thomas had a reputation for being a straight shooter. . But he found very little to criticize about Walt, as it turned out. And Walt was not an anti-Semite. B'nai Brith, a Jewish anti-defamation league, investigated Walt in 1955 - and its members wound up so impressed with him that they gave him a Man of the Year award. In 1958, Haddassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, gave him an award as well. The anti-Semite stuff was apparently started when Walt, who was politically naive, joined what he thought was a pro-America organization. When he found that it was also anti-Semitic, he quit, but the damage was done. And Walt was not looney. His studio was in the red most of his life because he had a bad habit of trying to invent new things and focus on quality, which put him under a lot of pressure; he suffered at least one nervous breakdown. But many of his employees loved and admired him.. Basically, he was just a decent Midwestern boy who never forgot his roots. And who had a heck of an imagination.

Yep, I'm a Walt Disney fan. Finding out the truth about the guy often has that result. :)

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Weretimberwolves. Spike gets bit by one and becomes a weretimberwolf who tragically incinerates himself due to spontaneous dragon combustion.

Great A'Tuin the Cosmic Star Turtle.

A hippogriff - half griffin, half pony, spawned by the love that dares not speak its name. Hubba hubba.

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I think that the Earth Ponies should have the traditional Earth Powers (as delineated in fantasy novels): 1. The power to heal. Heal injuries, heal sickness, heal the earth, air and waters if they become poisoned. Certainly earth-pony Zecora seems able to do those things. 2. The power to encourage growth in all plant life, and be superb herbologists. The power to keep fields fallow. Power over the Harvest. 3. Perhaps most significantly, power over the seasons - after all, Earth Ponies are the traditional Keepers of the annual Winter Wrap-up. Perhaps that would be Applejack's power if she ever became an alicorn (now now, simmer down, not saying I want that to happen) - whereas Celestia controls the sun, Luna controls the moon, Cadence controls the general health and happiness of her realm, and Twilight is a master of magic - Applejack would be the Avatar of the Four Seasons, with the power and responsibility to keep all of them in balance. Just a thought.

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Meghan is a marvelous writer, indeed. And I really like the relationship she's built between Cadence and Twilight. There's real sisterly affection there, and Meghan's portrayed it with just a few words and gestures. Masterful.

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I tweeted your video to Lena Hall - the Broadway actress who gave a shout out to Ponies during the Tony Awards - and she loved it. Congrats!