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Writing as a union member all my adult life and an adherent of left politics, this campaign for porous or open borders is simply another attack on the standard of living of American working people, an attempt to widen the labor base with people who will have to accept sub-standard working conditions. The fallacy that economic migrants do work that Americans will not do is just that; pay a worker twenty dollars an hour with health care, and even the most unpleasant jobs will be filled. Finally, that large group of economic migrants coming from Central America is well organized and has had transportation and food provided. What foundation or person paid for this, and why? (perhaps Soros of color revolution fame?) None of the above is in any way antipathetic toward our southern neighbors; I am fairly literate in Spanish and have had the good fortune to have spent years travelling in countries of Hispanic culture. By the way, none of those beautiful countries allow you to just stroll in and stay, much less work.

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Even a broken clock is right two times a day. And on the point of declaring victory and leaving Syria, he seems to be the only one that is right.

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Chris Hedges, a tireless, intrepid and entirely honest freedom fighter, once again displays his limitation in using the tired, propagandistic term, "conspiracy theory". He can't see anything wrong with the 9/11 cock-and-bull story? That issue is quite the third rail for even the best of people. Disappearing aircraft, disappearing NORAD, and streams of melted steel, what's not to believe?

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Now, THAT'S chutzpah! Hey, give it a try. Nothing's lost save honor.

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One of the most disgusting displays of the abject servility of "our" legislators to Likudnik fascism was the speech by Netanyahu to a joint session of Congress in which he received twenty-seven wildly enthusiastic standing ovations from the assembled admirers. Duce! Duce! When will folks realize that our government and armed forces have been hijacked by a rogue micro-state and its supporters?

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It has been wisely observed that Israel would never accept an offer of statehood in the United States; if they did, they would only have two Senators. Anyone doubting this should view the video clip of Netanyahu addressing a joint session of Congress and receiving twenty-seven wildly rapturous standing ovations. Duce!, Duce!

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The failure of the rescue effort may have been MIC sabotage (as was the U-2 affair in 1960) to destabilize the Carter presidency. However he is responsible for the creation of Al Qaida in Afghanistan, the toppling of the reasonably functional government that was there at the time, and the Mariel boatlift that made South Florida a bastion of far-right politics. As an ex-President, he is the last reminder of the dignity of that office.

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You could expect someone from the Cato Institute to float a cut of our meagre social programs alongside of the vast fortune sucked up by our utterly corrupt war industry. Sixty percent of our tax revenues are essentially dumped into a black hole, returning nothing but enemies. I also recall trillions spent to bail out criminal banks.

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I was blocked from commenting on OpEd News (after having contributed twice!) for what I thought was fairly ordinary lefty views. I think one of the editors didn't like my putdowns of the identity politics that they constantly promote.

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Exactly. Just as armaments manufacturers fan the flames of war, pressure groups such as ADL and AIPAC need to tout Anti-Semitism.