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Demonstrating how ludicrous this whole process is, I have been on lines to enter the security search that have had enough people to fill ten planes. A lunatic who wanted to cause mass casualties could achieve more carnage there than if he succeeded in boarding an aircraft. A great article from Mr. Koenig.

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Sheldon Adelson's money is a cancerous tumor embedded in our politics. He is, of course, an Israeli citizen and has declared that support of that rogue state is his only issue. He was a major factor in Trump's electoral victory.

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I'll never contribute to this site again. Censorship sucks!

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Bugs Bunny (or Oprah) could be installed in the Oval Office and, just as with the last twenty years, the policies would remain the same. The visible government is a charade. The problem is that observing the credulity and ignorance of the American electorate has convinced the oligarchy that they can get away with anything and they are doing just that.

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Given that we now have a troika (junta?) of generals running the White House while Trump plays at being a president, the question of a possible coup seems irrelevant.

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Boycott the commercial media both for a political statement and for one's mental health. Excellent article by Mr. Schumaker.

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My comment appears above, clearly there was some sort of delay in processing the entries. I tried to delete the above protest but somehow that did not go through.

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This is what our rotten damn country has become, here and abroad. Who is worse, that lunatic sadist cop or the ignorant, cowardly jury? Damnation to all of them.

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Exactly. My maternal grandmother was also a subsistence farmer on a forty acre family farm, working from dawn to dark. When the hay had to be brought in, she swung a pitch fork with the men.

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You have missed the point about identity politics entirely.