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Hi Selma,

We don't arrange kayaking in the Okanagan. We are a Calgary based retailer that also does lots of lessons and rental, and all of it is close to Calgary. Good luck in your search!

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Hi Tanner,

We still have that boat, but have decided to keep it in demo for the remainder of the season. It will be for sale again then. Right now, we have a new one for you!

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Hi Amber,

Our last pool session of the season is over now - sorry. We will be back in October, and all through the winter.

If you have been to a rolling class before, consider joining our Kayak Rolling in Real Life course, where we take it outside and help you improve your roll in realistic conditions.

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Hi Steve,
That is a hard question to answer, because I don't know where your skills are, or what you want to achieve. The best strategy is to call the store and talk to a staff person!
However, if I make a few assumptions (you know a little and want to take your kayaking to the next level) I would strongly encourage you to take the Paddle Canada Level 1 sea kayak course. It is a weekend course that teaches the basic strokes, edging & boat control, lots of safety stuff and self-rescues. This course makes participants into far more confident paddlers! We are running the course for two days on the July long weekend!
I hope I helped!

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Hi Lucia,

We just posted the dates! Drop by or call to book yourself a spot.

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Hi Tanner,

We do not have any Detonators in stock, but we'd be happy to order one for you! Just call of visit the shop. And, have a great weekend!

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Hi Fred,
We have one B-1 left. Call or visit the store if you want it. And, have a great weekend!

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Hi Lewis,

"Equivalent skills and knowledge" is a little objective. It applies to you if you know how to do all or most of the items in the prerequisite course. In this case, the skills would be wet exits, forward and reverse strokes, sweeps and draws. If most of that is in your repertoire, then definitely sign up for the Level 1 course!

The idea is to make sure that everyone in the course has the basic skills so that everyone has a fruitful & enjoyable course. We can only take a person's word for it, and that generally works out well.

If you have more questions, feel free to call the store.

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Hi Rik,

Yes, we keep this list very current. Changes are updates in 1-24 hours. We'll see you when you are in town!

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Hi Mark! Thanks for reaching out to us online, but the best way to get the right boat for your family is to come by the store. There is lots we need to know before we can match you with a canoe, and you have not given us enough info (by far) in your short post.

Drop by and one of our experts will spend the time to understand your needs, experience and plans, and then set you up with the right boat. We are open seven days a week, all summer!