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All that Sir Malcolm details, the Chinese government attitudes, abuses and atrocities were there before we handed over Hong Kong. They were there before the west opened trade with China with the now ludicrous belief that through prosperity we will change the people and then the regime, it seems obvious now that will not happen peacefully, and as the Banks were too big to fail, China is too big to take military action against; we have awakened the sleeping giant.

The idea that we can get global agreement to do anything about China seems to based on the premise that the United Nations and Countries who are world players give a damn about anything other than money, the US, ourselves, and anyone else who could grab a ride on the Chinese gravy train have sold out so who and where from are any actions supposed to be generated?
One thing is clear the Chinese government know how weak we are and how much we need them for our economic growth and ignore us accordingly. The only action that I can see is possible, without starting a major conflict, is to hit them with sanctions that will hurt them and us economically, only if we are willing to hurt ourselves can we make any progress on human rights in China because at the moment it is a genocidal regime.

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depends on how you count votes: it is true that they gained more seats on a manifesto that included their 'belief' that a material change, such as leaving the EU, justifies another referendum however the paragraph above that statement says that they need a majority to support it;

We will achieve independence
only when a majority of our fellow
citizens are persuaded that it offers
the best future for our country. Our
success will depend on the strength
of our arguments and the clarity of
our vision.
We believe that the Scottish
Parliament should have the right to
hold another referendum if there
is clear and sustained evidence
that independence has become the
preferred option of a majority of
the Scottish people – or if there is
a significant and material change in
the circumstances that prevailed in
2014, such as Scotland being taken
out of the EU against our will.

In 2016 the SNP got a 46.5% share of a 54.6% turnout, around 25% not a majority.
In 2017 the SNP got a 36.9% share of a 66.4% turnout again not a majority, as the other parties are against independence it could be argued that there is a majority against another referendum but i would say that as we are comparing apples and pears, parliamentary and assembly elections are decided on many issues whereas referendums are one issue and give a clear majority, however large or small.
Although someone who voted to leave I understand that if the Conservatives get a majority of seats they (say they) will implement Brexit the mandate they will be enacting will the referendum result not this election result... that is if they do actually leave.

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I don't think the SNP will get the result they are after, they are clearly alienating two large demographics with their main policies of stop brexit and an independent Scotland, any who want brexit and to remain in the UK will not vote SNP whereas in a normal election some could vote SNP as the party of Scotland. I am certain that they will not get over 50% of the vote, undermining their fictitious claim for a referendum.

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nov 1st slight disruption to business as usual, very soon after business as usual, then business booming, the length of time these periods take depend on how stubborn the EU is in trying to punish us (at cost to themselves) to set an example to any others who dare to dream of freedom, and yes I do know it's an illusion but it's slightly more tangible outside the EU.

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Although I believe the PM when he says he would prefer a deal, I hope it's same way I would prefer a deal, only a good deal, and that no deal really is better than a bad deal. I don't see how he can negotiate a new deal, that avoids the traps that the EU and May's collaboration team came up with, in the time available. I hope he realises this and will not seriously attempt to bring back the May/EU withdrawal agreement with tweeks as this will be electoral suicide. No deal 31st Oct. please.

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I'm ashamed of the Conservative party I've seen today in the commons, when are you going to realise it's Brexit or the Brexit party???

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has it really come down to whose democracy is bigger?

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first thing Boris has to do is to tweak the party rules to will allow constituency associations to decide who their candidate will be in the next election then hold a meeting of the parliamentary party and ask all of them to sign up to his plan, or we go to the country, with plenty of time allowed for selection's to take place.

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the argument for legalisation does not make sense, they say it will disenfranchise the dealers but if the plan is to only legalise 'soft' drugs then the dealers will still have a market and will push their product even more vigorously to keep their share of the profits, of course the legal sellers will make theirs so the free-marketeers will be happy and the vulnerable will be become even more at risk.
Just because some people were stupid when younger does mean what they did should be legalised.

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I read the full article of Boris's with the "letterbox" comment, I wonder if all those who bring it up have done so, as it's main thrust is his defence of the right for women to cover up in public if they choose to.