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We must emphatically say 'no more' to this frenetic over reaction that is causing so much pain: untreated illness,increased suicides,economic collapse....and for what?A virus that 99.8% recover from with an average age of death over 82 years and then usually this outcome is confined to people with two or more co morbidities.
The time has come to say no more of this nonsense,we cannot afford the wholesale destruction.Liam Fox and others of influence must have reference to senior scientists like Suneta Gupta,Mike Yeadon and Sucharit Bhakdi who tell a very different tale to dour SAGE.

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Careful with throwing all and everything into this melting pot term 'British'....introducing homosexuality and Islam in the same breath for instance can be troubling as indeed it can to try and wed Christianity and Islam.
The 'British' entity emerged when we had strong Christian ethic and traditional family values.In empire we shared a common direction and destiny.
England has been deprived of a parliament where Scotlsnd has one together with better funding per head at English tax payer's expense.
The hard left direction of Scotland and the necessity of England to oust this scamdemic obsessed parliament in Westminster possibly means it is time for we English to throw off the four nations mantle and become great again.

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Never could I have imagined that the elements who have their hand to the levers of power would be so overbearing and obsessively hell bent on the destruction of our liberty and ancient freedoms.Covid is mild..99.8%recover when infected and those who die have co morbidities and an average age of 83 years.
Offer to protect the vulnerable then leave us alone!
I will never support these buffopns again...Farage is worth a look.

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The virus is not the threat we have to worry about,it is rather government determination to trash our economy,deny legitimate disease treatment for cancer,heart disease,stroke etc.The massive mental health burden,suicides and ongoing despair are a result of trying to stop an un stoppable virus and a rather mild one at that that 99.8%recover from,that has an average age of mortality of 83 years!
If we do not stop this damned stupidity soon we will return to the stone age.
Eschew the muzzle,to hell with Napoleonic metres,wiz the test kit in the bin!
Give us back our ancient liberties.

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Here here!

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We should cease feeding other folks children on welfare whenever we can and certainly be pursuing more rigorously absent fathers.
Poverty in the UK is defined in a ludicrous see genuine poverty in developing countries but here we find state dependency and poor attitude resulting in secondary poverty.
Why is government policy being shaped by a young footballer anyway?
It is a shame that we live under a socialist regime such as the conservative party run....they adore state control and intervention as we have seen with the scamdemic.
Maybe at the next election we could adopt a more genuine conservatism in the shape of the newly branded 'reform' party?
We urgently need to sweep this overcontrolling mob into the dustbin of history.

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There would be no cause for concern if PHE never worked again! The virus thing is tantamount to a giant hoax anyway with 99.8% of those infected recovering and the average age of death 83years for those who are weak and frail.Most do not know they are infected so mild is this virus!
There is no pandemic...people should realize they are scared witless over nothing what so ever.

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You surely mean see in him an enlightened and forward thinking man who sees what others must eventually see....this lockdown is sheer unadulterated madness that is utterly disposing of our nation in so many ways!

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Graham Brady et al...those who stood up against this utter madness and stupidity are my heroes.Well done! Though few in number they are correct in their assumptions.
The evidence against this 'bogeyman virus' is overwhelming...mortality is extremely low and lockdowns are crushing the economy,our way of life and terrifiying much of the population.Real deaths are ensuing from cancer,stroke etc untreated and mental health is on its knees.Suicides along with crashing businesses are numerically through the roof.
The huge £400 billion debt burden will haunt us to a distant future.
The hammer of lockdown to combat a disease that has failed to shift mortality rates,that has victims of an average age of 83years and which 99.8% of those infected by recover is not worth all this idiotic hoo haaa over.
Bunter and his co pilot Handywotsit et al have much to answer for.

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The answer is that a vote should it come should include no 16 year old children,should include Scots who now reside anywhere in the UK and be carried out only after at least three years beyond the point of Brexit so that Scotland can have a clear view of what they are departing from and going to (Europe) if they vote for seccesion.No foreign nationals living in Scotland should be allowed to vote as they were last time.
Frankly England needs her own parliament anyway to balance matters up and if Scotland left this would be an effective step in this direction.Scotland leaving would lower UK tax burden and we could be free of the wearisome coven of hobgoblins representing the SNP in Westminster.
One could warm to the idea of a UK wide vote which may rid us of the pesky Krankieland.