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A few years ago, my brother's body was cremated in NW Ga. A month later, the story broke of this asshat called Marsh (now incarcerated), the owner of the crematorium. Seems this guy was simply dumping the bodies in some nearby woods, giving the family a lovely, expensive urn full of dirt.

So I had a few glasses of wine and set out to find my brother. Hey, I don't like drunk drivers either, but would YOU wanna go on a corpse hunt in some woods sober? The thoughts of Steven laying out there alone made me beyond angry; he deserved better.

My search had netted only a shoe when a cop (who knew?) came over to me asked what on earth I was doing. I told him. He asked if it didn't bother me to be in woods that had already yielded dozens of bodies, I told him I'd had a few glasses of wine, and that my brother would've done the same for me.

He called my (SO peeved) husband to pick me up, and even took a description of what my brother was wearing when he was supposed to have been cremated.

I say that to say this: For those folks that say it doesn't matter what happens to the deceased once they've passed, well maybe it doesn't to them. But for the family? The stuff of nightmares, man.

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Thanks... kinda needed that!

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I hope you're a journalist or novelist -- something. You clearly have a gift for insightful writing and a stellar command of the English language. It is in-depth, thoughtful posts like yours that keep me coming back. "End of"... *sniff* that's beautiful.


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This one's just hard to shake from my mind.

I was over reading the Daily Mail (UK's answer to the Enquirer) and I just, you know I was reading about how the Beckham's baby Harper was wearing thousand dollar outfits (she's like five months old) and wasn't it interesting how the Cruise's dropped half a million bucks on four-year-old Suri's fall wardrobe and which Kardashian liked which flavor of ice cream...
And then we've got this lady sitting in prison because all she wanted were some farking teeth.

All these young celebrities who are wildly popular because of the family to which they were born, who will never know real hunger, never truly want for any necessity, will never be cold enough to have to borrow a coat... and I just don't understand.

We are all the same species. We've all got the same organs, we all reproduce the same, we all have hopes and dreams and grow old at the same rate. Yet, some are born into a life filled with riches some of us cannot even fathom, while others... others are... well, they're this lady.

There is zero chance she'd look anything near what she looks like now, be anywhere near a place she's in right now, be a laughingstock and an internet meme for dumbassery.... had she simply been born to a different family. No Kennedy or Hilton would be in this situation, although it's their families who made them household names, nothing Paris Hilton ever did would warrant her lifestyle; same with the Kardashians or Kennedys.

And I shouldn't say something that I've no proof of, but although this woman did break the law, I dare say she's got more scruples than any of these children of privilege. Knowing she went to church every Sunday yet didn't even own a farking coat speaks volumes about her character. I try to imagine a single "celebrity" doing that and I just cannot..

Yet there she sits.

No real point to make here, just something that's bothering me. Yeah yeah, thousands are starving in Ethiopia, I get that. But this is my country, and this woman is the poster child for everything that's wrong with it. We are clearly more interested in who Snookie's gonna hook up with this weekend than those nameless, faceless people we see huddled under bridges and bushes each night as we drive home.

By the time we've pulled into our garages, we've usually managed to forget those unfortunates, those living in the very boxes our TVs and refrigerators were shipped in. We kick off our shoes and tune in to a show that glorifies becoming a mother at 16, or one who's sole purpose is to hear the host say whether or not "You ARE the baby's father!" We are making celebrities out of people with all the moral character of an earthworm. The media is only showing us what we're asking to see.

If America really wanted a "reality" show, there'd be a camera following the homeless, the poor, those who've long ago lost hope for any kind of a normal life. It would show what Christmas morning is like waking up in a farking Buick. It would show a couple explaining to their children what "eviction" means, and why it's time to pack up their things. Reality is not a woman with eight kids jetting them around the world when the camera is on. Reality isn't "My Super Sweet 16" and it sure isn't "Jersey Shore."
Whether people want to see it or not, reality is Evelyn Marie Fuller.

All I can say is God help her, because it's quite clear that nobody else ever has. And until this country decides to care about things that really matter, and stop glorifying bad decisions, nobody ever will.

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I don't know "what kind of idiot" would do a lot of things, and this woman might well be an idiot. But I won't call her one for not knowing the do's and don'ts of bank robbing.

The article says, "Surveillance video showed a toothless woman exiting a vehicle before entering the bank to commit the robbery."


I think what the tape showed was a woman who wasn't exactly grinning from ear to ear -- likely similar to the expression in her picture there. I don't think that tape showed her gums at all, like they're implying. I think they put that in for the snark, for the schadenfreude that far too many people get off on these days. There was no reason to put that in at all except for the world to laugh at her, and I think that's wrong.

Without looking (unless you already did) how old do you this this woman is? Well she's 49. Forty farking Nine! It looks like she's had more than her share of hard knocks in life as it is.

It isn't like she's some asshat who intentionally looks ridiculous -- she wasn't wearing her jeans down past her ass or holding a gun sideways or disguised with a Sharpie. I'm sure she doesn't WANT to look like that. This very old 49-year-old once had dreams, hopes for her future. She didn't want to wind up on the front page known as -- well, this. Yeah, I get it, she took denture money from a bank. But damn, we don't know how she got into this situation.

All I know about this woman is that she went to church and that she returned a borrowed jacked (in February). Maybe she got tired of being made fun of, or being unable to eat, I don't know. But I think it's a bit much to call her an idiot.

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I just can't find a lot of snark for this one... lady goes in a bank armed with nothing but a note and a borrowed coat (which she GAVE BACK, which got her busted). Yeah, she broke the law, but I don't feel one bit safer to know she's in jail while I type this from my warm room.

And you know, yeah, I'm gonna get a million thumbs-down for this, but this lady went out every week, she was no hermit. She went out and she went to church, that's what this lady did. And it wasn't a bank employee or a neighbor or even a stranger who ran down to rat her out, it was a member of her church. Don't be bothered to maybe help her get a farking coat or maybe a set of farking teeth, no, don't do that! Hell, compared to Job, this lady lived on Easy Street! Don't bother with helping her with necessities, because that would be (the right thing to do) all kinds of wrong. Turn her ass in! Because that's what Jesus would've done, right?

All the coffee in the world isn't gonna fix the piss this has put in my morning.

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Thank you, Jaxson.
I just this morning received an e-mail with your reply to this enclosed. It made a not-so-good day a lot more tolerable and I thank you for it.
It mattered. Thank you making me feel as though I do, too.

Most Sincerely,

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She definitely should've taken the plea. Sounds like a pretty farked up family, to be honest.
If she did it to "exorcise demons" and has now decided to have him charged for rape, the evil that needs exorcised is within her, not him.

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Ha! "You got a good dress on my demon!"


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Yeah, you know, it doesn't happen as much here on WV, but on a lost of posting sections to news stories, there will be an inevitable string of "where were the parents?" The parents are bashed more than the criminal, and that just pisses me off.
Because I know what it's like to walk with three-year-olds. I had three of them at once at one time (I had another when the twins were almost 11 months old.) Those bursts of energy can take you by surprise.
Becoming a parent does not make a person a superhero; it does not render them unable to make mistakes. But the consequences of simple mistakes can be life-changing, as is the case here.
This person slowed down for the sole purpose of seeing what she'd hit. Had she not, maybe it might fly that she didn't know. But she knew. And she ran like hell. And I think that's absolutely unforgivable.