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Clearly Labour are running scared, mainly of the BNP!

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This just shows that this great country are being shown up once again by 3rd world countries. Vote BNP and all will change

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I think its already much more than half. Things need to be done to stop it

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Obviously spectators are something we need to worry about but also need to worry about the competitors. I remember when the Commonwealth Games were in Manchester, a number of Bangladeshis didn't return back home. I fear this will be the case in 2012. As for the foreign workers on the sites, its an absoulte disgrace. I know so many British site workers who have been made redundant, the same people that thought the Olympics would save their jobs. Instead people have been shipped in from all over the EU to work at a much slower, less cost effective rate because of 1 group of people, the government. When the BNP take office we will put this to an end

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This is absolutely disgusting. Remember, Racism cuts both ways and yet again, we the British people are being made 2nd class citizens to the foreign workers. Something needs to be done otherwise our green and pleasant land will be no more

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The Labour government will never remove the illegal immigrants worried about offending people who could potentially vote for them. This needs to stop. The only way this will happen is when the BNP get into government

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How can they advertise jobs here to Africans where there will soon be 2million unemployed Brits in this country. And the cost of it, £25million, how much of that will come from British tax payers? I'd take a guess at around half, £12.5million. This is more reason as to why we should leave the EU.

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A fantastic piece. Having two grandparents who fought for our freedom I'd hate to think what they feel about the Islamification of Britain if they were still alive today. We must all join together and fight for our freedom, not with weapons but with the parties policies and campaigning to win votes. The BNP are the ONLY party that will keep Britain British

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How diverse is the EU? We are nothing like none of the other members. I agree what you say about if Turkey were to join. The sooner we leave the EU and save us, the taxpayer, £60bn per year and use that money to lower income tax and spend on nurses and doctors, the better. Vote BNP 4th June.

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I think I will be putting myself forward for Tonbridge for the next General Election. What do I need to do to put myself forward?